Sonos's Most Popular Speakers & Surround Sound Sets Are on Sale Right Now

Don't settle for sub-par sound.

The Sonos One SL microphone-free smart speaker | Sonos
The Sonos One SL microphone-free smart speaker | Sonos
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Being cooped up inside indefinitely has been a boon for home improvement projects, as people draft their respective to-do lists to finally paint the walls and re-organize the messy closets that have long gone neglected. If you can afford to, it's also a good opportunity to make some material upgrades to the rooms you're spending a lot more time in (oh, hi, kitchen). And fortunately, upgrading to a top-notch wireless speaker system just got a lot more budget-friendly, courtesy of this just-launched Sonos sale, which has significant discounts on several of premium audio brand's most popular items.

Sonos produces some of the best consumer wireless audio products on the market, with a lineup of smart speakers that can transform your home soundscape and allow you to create easily-controlled and distinct "zones" around your space. And while it's also known for its typically steep price points, from now through April 23 you can save between $50 and $150 on its bestselling speakers, including the One, One SL, Beam sound bar, Indoor/Outdoor, and Surround Sound sets. Here are some of the standout deals.

  • Get $50 off the Sonos One smart speaker with voice control (now $149) - [Get it]
  • Get $50 off the Sonos One SL microphone-free speaker (now $129) - [Get it]
  • Get $50 off the Beam compact sound bar (now $349) - [Get it]
  • Get $100 off the Sonos 2-room speaker set (now $298) - [Get it]
  • Get $50 off the Sonos Indoor/Outdoor 2-speaker set (now $548) - [Get it]
  • Get $150 the 4-piece Sonos 5.1 surround sound system (now $1,306) - [Get it]

Admittedly some of this stuff is still prohibitively expensive for many, but if you're simply looking for one or two new truly top-notch speakers to elevate your sound system, this is likely the cheapest you'll see the Sonos One and One SL this year (or at least until Black Friday). 

Head to Sonos to scope out the selection and the savings.

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