Celebrate 'Star Wars' Day With Festive Kitchen Accessories from Amazon

May the force be with you in the kitchen!

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No matter how you feel about puns, there is no disputing the fact that May the Fourth is a high holiday for Star Wars superfans. Known unofficially as Star Wars Day, it’s an opportunity for fans of the beloved franchise to embrace their obsession, celebrate the stories and characters, and stock up on merch.

As fans ourselves, we took the liberty of tracking down some of our favorite Star Wars-themed kitchen products available on Amazon that will help you harness the power of the Force every time you make dinner. Whether you’re ringing in the big day by watching the premiere of The Bad Batch or screening your favorite film for the 50th time, this selection of kitchen accessories will allow you to showcase your fandom all year long.

The Mandalorian Glass Set
Mandalorians are stronger together! Integrate your Star Wars obsession in a very subtle way with this set of two glasses that feature an elegant shape with a Mandalorian helmet design.
Vandor Star Wars X-Wing and Imperial Ship Ceramic Serving Bowl
If you’re ready to binge watch all Star Wars movies (including Rogue One), this 10inch ceramic bowl is perfect for your popcorn.
Corelle Disney Star Wars Small Plates
Keep it simple with these adorable plates with Star Wars character doodles. They’ll make a great quirky addition to your kitchen dinnerware collection.
May The Forks Be With You Apron
Star Wars puns are the best—and the reason for the season, after all. This apron lets you carry the humor with you while keeping your cooking skills away from the dark side.
Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer
The star of your kitchen will soon become this Death Star-shaped timer. It features a green LED superlaser light and plays sound effects inspired by the films as an alarm. No baked goods will be destroyed in the process!
Wampumtuk Star Wars May The Froth Be With You Coffee Mug
There might not be a Starbucks in space, but if there were, their mugs would look like this—or at least we hope. Whether you’re looking to grow your mug collection or for a gift for your favorite Star Wars-obsessed friend, this mug has you covered.
Baby Yoda Stackable Salt and Pepper Shakers
If Baby Yoda has a place in your heart, it can now have one in your kitchen, too, with this adorable set of salt and pepper shakers.
Star Wars Toaster
Whether you’re team Rebel Alliance or team Galactic Empire, this 2-slice toaster will bring you the perfect balance of both. No Jedi training necessary!
Star Wars Death Star Circo Cheese Set
A very fitting cheese plate for both Star Wars and cheese lovers! It sports some stunning laser-engraved Death Star artwork atop a swiveling board that includes a full-tang cheese plane, knife/spreader, curved knife with dual pronged tip, and a sharp cheese knife for harder varieties.
Star Wars Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold
Another homage to Death Star, this silicone ice cube mold is a must-have for a very Mos Eisley Cantina drink. Add filtered water, pop it in the freezer, and add it to your cocktail of choice.
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