Embrace Your Inner Baker and Take Advantage of These KitchenAid Deals

Sur la Table
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There are countless excuses for not taking up a new hobby, whether it's that you don't have the time, or the proper equipment, or that you're simply not at home enough to take it on in earnest. For now, though, most of those are moot as much of the nation is hunkering down at home for the foreseeable, with lots of newfound free time. And, if honing your baking skills has long been something you've wanted to do, today's the day to double down thanks to a huge sale on a bunch of excellent KitchenAid equipment from Sur la Table.

The premium kitchen goods brand just kicked off a special sale on select KitchenAid products -- including its (typically pricey) signature stand mixers and food processors -- making now a good time to grab the gear you need to embrace your inner Great British Bake Off contestant. The sale features dozens of different items discounted by 20% (including plenty that are great for lots more than baking) when you use code COZY20 at checkout, so it's worth perusing the full lineup. But, to give you a taste of what's up for grabs, we've picked out a few of our favorites.

  • A 9-speed hand mixer for $80 (down from $100) - [Get it]
  • A 5-quart stand mixer for $200 (down from $280) - [Get it]
  • A 7-cup food processor for $104 (down from $130) - [Get it]
  • A pasta cuter set for $99 (down from $130) - [Get it]
  • A 12-inch countertop convection oven for $216 (down from $270) - [Get it]
  • A Pro Line series blender with thermal cook jar for $250 (down from $550) - [Get it]

Take a minute to browse the full selection at Sur la Table and be sure to enter code COZY20 at checkout to grab what you need before the 20% off sale ends on Wednesday, March 18.

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