Save on Super-Nice Wine Glasses at Sur la Table Right Now

Sur la Table
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Although being forced to stay home for the next while is going to require a lot of patience from all of us, staying stocked up on good wine is one small way to make it all a bit easier to handle. And considering our collective uptick in consumption, right now may be a good time to invest in some quality glassware, which is why you'll be pleased to know Sur la Table just kicked off a big sale on a wide variety of top-notch stemware

The premium kitchen goods brand's sale is brimming with solid options from the renowned German glassware brand Schott Zwiesel, which has been making stylish, quality vessels for boozy beverages for over 140 years. There are options suited to serve (and sip) practically every varietal and type of wine you can think of. From glasses for soft reds and full-bodied whites, to double-walled stemless options, champagne flutes, and even a few cocktail-appropriate offerings, you'll want to take a few minutes to browse the full lineup. That said, we've plucked a few favorites you'll find in the mix.

  • Get a set of six Schott Zwiesel "Fortissimo" soft red glasses for $62.36 (down from $78) - [Get it]
  • Get a set of six Schott Zwiesel "Congresso" white wine glasses for $29.96 (down from $48) - [Get it]
  • Get a set of six Schott Zwiesel coupe glasses for $86.36 (down from $108) - [Get it]
  • Get a set of six Schott Zwiesel "Fortissimo" champagne flutes for $62.36 (down from $78) - [Get it]
  • Get a set of six Schott Zwiesel pure stemless red wine glasses for $47.86 (down from $60) - [Get it]

It's worth noting that these six-glass sets are a bargain, but if you don't need six, the prices on single glasses have been slashed, too. 

Scope out the full sale and grab what you need at Sur la Table.

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