A Bunch of Big 4K Smart TVs Are Under $300 at Target Right Now

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Considering the glut of top-notch streamable content out there these days, there's no excuse to be watching it all on a dinky little screen (or worse, your laptop), when the price of quality flatscreens has come down so far. And if you've been looking for a good excuse to make the upgrade to something better and smarter, now is it thanks to this big blowout sale at Target on a ton of smart TVs.

The bullseye brand has discounts of up to 30% on a selection of smart 4K flatscreens from a handful of top brands including Vizio, Samsung, TCL, LG, and more, and many of the setups are priced under $300. You ought to scope out the full bounty of bargains, but here are a few standout deals we found.

  • Get a 40-inch Vizio D-Series smart TV for $200 - [Get it]
  • Get a 50-inch TCL 4K Roku smart TV for $270 - [Get it]
  • Get a 50-inch Samsung 4K smart TV for $297 - [Get it]
  • Get a 49-inch LG 4K smart TV for $300 - [Get it]
  • Get a 43-inch TCL 4K Roku smart TV for $230 - [Get it]

Browse the lineup of smart big screen discounts before they disappear.

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