How to Create a Tidy Device Charging Station Anywhere

Forget nests of tangled cords and chargers. Here are some simple ways to set up an organized station dedicated to juicing up your devices.

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Historically, every cable, cord, wire or charger I’ve crossed paths with has existed purely as an agent of chaos—tangled in a misshapen and hazardous ball that lives to frustrate me. However, this is purely a fault of my own, and put simply—I, and you, deserve better. This is not the only way, in fact this is perhaps the worst way, and after dedicating time to reconfiguring several areas in my home to be electronically aligned I’ve realized that the path of least resistance is a tidy one. Come on this journey with me as we hack our way into a more civilized process of recharging our literal batteries. 

There are moments in life when divine forces or the unknown powers that be command you to better yourself, and I believe this is the reason that this particular assignment came across my desk. Can you tell I believe in String Theory? I chose to accept the challenge of redesigning my work space, the entryway of my house, and the pit-of-snakes-esque mess of wires under my bed, and considered it symbolic—a chance to re-energize and reinvent myself. Imagine! Could this be done simply by purchasing another extension cord, I thought? And thus began my adventures into organizing the hellscape that is my miscellaneous wire drawer. 

If you find peace through enhancing the aesthetics of your living space and enjoy feeling organized, the following suggestions are for you, you geek. There are many different techniques to achieve said organized charging station. You could go the more simple route and buy an actual charging organizer from the interweb, but if you are going to do that, then why are you reading this

A few tips and tricks to get you started

  • Repurpose a small wooden pallet or crate: What’s great about pallets and crates for this particular craft? Holes! Weave your wires through the back, and secure to the wall, or countertop. 
  • Use a book you’re willing to cut the pages out of. This idea is fun because it’s like a secret. You’ve seen it before—you open the cover and realize a rectangle has been carved out of the book to store little trinkets. Use this for your phone, or other small tablets. You’ll let the cord hang from the back and can stack the books up on your nightstand, or desk. Voila! Now it looks like you’re a reader! 
  • Configure a picture frame to be able to cradle your tablet, phone, or other device with bits of foam or scrap wood glued to cardboard that fits within the frame. This is a great way to save shelf or counter space from your devices, and it’s got that Pinterest-flavored charm.
  • Any box, of any material that you’re willing to trim slots or holes into will greatly increase your flexibility in storing wires neatly, and hiding electronics from sight. A bread box, a painted shoe box, a hollowed out music box?! Build your own box! 
  • Switch your standard wall plug-in to a 4-port-USB plug-in. This tip is my favorite, you get to cosplay as an electrician. This process is fairly simple if you follow the instructions that come with the device. This will require you to use a screwdriver to remove the faceplate from your original wall port—I believe in you. 
  • Do we love extension cords with multiple plug-in capabilities? Yes. Do we also love zip ties? Apparently also yes. These will come in handy when tying together and organizing specific wires that correlate. It’s like a scrunchie for your television set. 

And a PSA: To craft some of the aforementioned organizers, I used: a glue gun, an exact-o-knife, a drill, and sandpaper. Godspeed!

Greer Glassman is a Thrillist contributor.
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