Have Your Own Indoor Cookout With This $60 Smokeless Infrared Grill

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Although backyard barbecues and grilling outside in groups isn't something any of us should be indulging in for a while, there's nothing stopping you from having your own self-isolated cookout indoors, especially since this nifty electric infrared smokeless grill is currently on sale for just $60, down 50% from its original price.

The countertop cooking setup from Tenergy uses advanced infrared technology to heat its grilling grate (which measures roughly 19 by 13 inches), and since the heat is only directed at the grill rack (and the cooling tray below catches grease and oils before they have a chance to become smoke), the whole system creates 80% less smoke than pretty much any other indoor electrical grill. In other words, you can still enjoy some perfectly charred meats and veggies without enduring the wrath of your home's fire alarm. 

Even more convenient? It heats up to its ideal grilling temperature -- 446 degrees Fahrenheit -- in just six minutes, and is super easy to clean once you're finished since most of its parts are dishwasher-safe. The only other thing you'll need to do is stock up on some easily delivered grill-worthy goods, and you'll be on your way to expanding your home-bound culinary exploits in no time. 

You can pick up Tenergy's infrared smokeless indoor grill for just $60 at Woot until the sale expires later today or they sell out.

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