The Child From Lego Is Definitely the Model We've Been Looking For

Build your very own Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

Truly adorable Baby Yoda is. | LEGO
Truly adorable Baby Yoda is. | LEGO
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The groundswell for The Mandolorian's second season is building. Namely in the form of The Child (aka Baby Yoda). You might remember when we told you about The Child Stand for an Echo Dot. Hell, maybe you even bought one and displayed it prominently in your home for all to see and admire.

Well the fun isn't ending there my friends. If you've been looking to add to your collection of Star Wars ephemera, you're gonna love this. LEGO just unveiled its version of The Child. It's a build-and-display model made up of 1,073 pieces AND it also comes with a Baby Yoda minifigure.

The model will run you $79.99 and is available for pre-orders now (it'll ship October 30th). This is a must-have for any LEGO + Star Wars collectors and will look incredibly charming next to LEGO Master Yoda.

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