Introducing: Thrillist's 'The Get' Expert Picks

A guide to understanding how we're showcasing the things our editors and experts are totally obsessed with.

Maitane Romagosa
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Here at Thrillist Shopping, we make a point not to waste your time writing about things we don't like. Our number one priority is to help you shop the web wisely by providing you with the info you need to understand why we love the products we're featuring, and why they're worth your hard-earned cash. That said, we do occasionally discover products and services that we literally won't shut up about, and figure you also need to know about them ASAP. In other words, we needed a way to spotlight our editors' and experts' faves.

So, today, we introduce The Get: Expert Picks, a collection of the products, services, properties, and everything in between that come with our highest recommendation.

From now through September, we'll be awarding Expert Picks badges in seven distinct categories to the stuff that's earned our team's highest praise whether it's a must-have home bar tool, a grilling upgrade that will be a total game-changer at your next backyard BBQ, or even an Airbnb that deserves its rightful spot on your ever-evolving bucket list.

Below, we've outlined the different Expert Picks badge categories to help you get a sense of what to expect. And then, in mid-September, we'll showcase every single thing that's earned our admiration in one convenient place; a best of the best of sorts for you to see all the favorites we covered during the year.  

Maitane Romagosa


From CBD to THC, these supplements, edibles, and accessories have earned highest praise from our highly knowledgeable panel of cannabis experts. They're the tinctures, gummies, topicals and more they turn to again and again to sleep better, relax, reduce pain, improve our skin, and even to stay focused. In a market consumed by flashy marketing that gets more crowded every day, these are the standbys we stand by.
List of winners to date: WYLD CBD Huckleberry Gummies, Kat's Naturals Relax CBD Hemp Oil, Soul CBD Rapid Relief CBD Cream, PLUS CBD 200mg Roll-On, Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules, Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Rejuvenating Night Cream

Maitane Romagosa


No matter the fuel, these are the best grills, tools, and accessories thoroughly tested and recommended by those who’ve mastered the art of cooking over an open flame. Whether it's the most reliable pellet-burning rig our favorite chefs have ever used, a set of tongs that will last you a lifetime, or the one and only digital meat thermometer our experts trust day in and day out, these picks will go to distance in taking your backyard BBQs to the next level.

Maitane Romagosa


When it comes to resting your head at night, you've got options. These are the awe-inspiring properties our go-to travel vets and professional wanderlusters insist you add to your ever-expanding bucket list. From hip downtown hotels that you'll never want to leave, to off-the-grid Airbnbs perched in the treetops, this collection of must-stay accommodations will make it hard to resist booking your next getaway immediately. 

Maitane Romagosa


Whether you're looking to round out your bare-bones bar cart or need a little inspiration to upgrade at-home happy hours, these are the essential adult beverage accoutrements our cocktail masters and bartending experts swear by. From glassware to booze, mixers to bar tools, everything here will help you mix, blend, shake, pour, and sip like a pro. 

Maitane Romagosa

Travel Essentials

Everything that deserves a spot on your packing list, according to our trusted squad of travel pros, some of whom quite literally live out of a suitcase. You'll find everything from splurge-worthy roller bags and must-have in-flight comforts to the backup chargers and navigation tech you'll need to get where you're going uninterrupted, or help you pull off your next spontaneous adventure.

Maitane Romagosa


It doesn't matter if you're day hiking, car camping, or roughing it deep in the woods or on the water—you're going to need the right gear. Our experts have spent more time outside than most people spend in their homes. They'll tell you what you need—from the best hiking boots, backpacks, and camping gear to the unexpected essentials no one should leave home without before exploring the great outdoors.

Maitane Romagosa

Backyard Hang

Your home may be your sanctuary, but it can also be a sanctuary for your closest friends and family. These are upgrades endorsed by our crew of DIY experts and devoted weekend warriors to help you level-up your living spaces, whether it's creating an outdoor movie theater, kitting out your kitchen, or even turning your backyard into a bonafide beer garden.

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