Grab This Great Black Friday Tile Tracker Deal and Quit Losing Your Stuff

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Ever wonder how many minutes of your life you've spent searching high and low for random stuff you've misplaced? Or looking for things that you're literally holding in your hand? Fortunately, the intrepid folks at Tile have devised some ingenius tech-fueled solutions to spare you the trouble of all that with a full suite of convenient tracking devices, and right now they're running a killer Black Friday deal on one of their best products.

For Black Friday, Tile is running a special promotion on its 8-piece "Sticker" bundles, slashing the price by $60 and sweetening the deal by also throwing in a free Google Nest Mini. Like its other tracking devices, the miniature Stickers stick to nearly any item you'd want to keep careful track of (your fancy camera, phone charger, Roku remote, eyeglass case, etc), and can be located via Bluetooth using the dedicated Tile app.

When you consider a single two-pack will set you back roughly $40, this $100 deal for eight Stickers (plus the Google Nest Mini, which typically sell for $29) is more than worth it.

Take advantage of this Sticker bundle deal at Tile.

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