This Tile Tracker Cyber Monday Bundle Is a Great Deal for Your Forgetful Self

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There is nothing more infuriating than scrambling to get out the door and realizing you can't find your keys, or your bag. Or trying to watch TV only to discover your remote has seemingly vanished. But, it's 2019, and that means you can escape those nuisances with a little technological help. The folks at Tile have developed a whole family of low-profile tracking devices that can easily find all of your most precious and important stuff, and right now the company is offering a great Cyber Monday deal on a special bundle of them

Today, you can get Tile's Family 8-pack bundle, which includes 2 Tile Mates, 2 Tile Slims, 2 Tile Stickers, and 2 Tile Pros, for just $159.99 -- and they're even throwing in a Google Nest Mini for free. All in all, it's a savings of $60 (in addition to the countless minutes of panicked searching for stuff you'll be sparing yourself in the future). 

Though each item Tile makes is designed to easily locate items using Bluetooth via a dedicated app, each of the four products included in this bundle is good for a specific purpose. For instance, Mates conveniently have a built-in hole to easily attach to a keyring, while the slim is low-profile enough to slide right into a wallet or passport carrier. Stickers are the smallest of the bunch (perfect for remotes or cameras), and the Pro is its device with the longest tracking range (400 feet). If you, or someone on your list this year, is famously always misplacing important stuff, this is a can't-miss deal this Cyber Monday.

Get the Family 8-pack bundle before the low price expires at Tile.

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