If You've Been Thinking About Buying a Traeger, There's No Better Time Than Now

Once a year, Traeger drops their Father's Day sale—and that time is right now. From now through June 20, buy one of four Traeger grills and receive a $150 grill bundle (a cover, pellets, and rubs) for no additional charge.

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If you've found yourself wanting to dabble in the art of amateur grilling, you surely have come across the name Traeger. The company prides itself on making some of the finest wood-fired grills and smokers available.

What sets a Traeger apart from other smokers is its superior construction and its user friendliness. One might even call it the Tesla of smokers. You can have zero experience smoking and make a mouthwatering dinner your first time using this rig—so long as you follow the recipe and monitor the temperature. Speaking of, one of the coolest features about a Traeger is that you can essentially set it and forget it. This is thanks to their app that can control temperature, tell you the pellet capacity, monitor probes, and set timers—pretty much guaranteeing you'll end up with a perfect meal.

Traeger's website is also a one-stop shop for all your grilling & smoking needs. It's there you'll find all of their grills (with detailed information) as well as wood pellets, accessories, recipes from top BBQ masters, and even how-to videos. The Traeger community is a robust and passionate one.

One big question I've heard often is this: is a Traeger grill worth the money? It's a fair question. Someone who doesn't plan to grill, smoke, or entertain more than a couple of times a year might be better off with a smaller, cheaper grill. But if you're the kind of person who gets giddy about smoking a 4-6 pound flat cut brisket for 12 hours, then yeah, a Traeger is 100% worth the investment. Plus, Traeger has 365-day customer support and offers a 3-year warranty. Now, let's check out the deals:

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