Cozy up to This Sale on Sheets, Robes, and Blankets from Upstate

Damn this bed looks good. | Huckberry
Damn this bed looks good. | Huckberry
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You deserve comfort. 

And this is why we wanted to highlight a great sale on premium super soft bedding from Upstate happening over at Huckberry. Right now you can get about 25% off linen and flannel sheet sets. And that's not all. They've also got towels, towel sets, robes, and blankets. Basically if it's cozy as hell and can be wrapped around you in a comforting way, it's on sale. 

The wares are spun and woven on traditional looms in Portugal with the fibers sustainably grown from rainwater. This basically translates to you getting the softest, most sustainably made fabric in the world. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The soft Eco Heather Blanket made to keep you warm and dry without overheating [$81]
  • This sheet set that's 100% linen and stonewashed -- as well as naturally antibacterial! [$216]
  • A waffle weave robe made with a mixture of of jaspe cotton and ringspun cotton [$98]
  • This Eco Heather Flannel Sheet Set that looks so nice you'll buy it... once. Because they're amazing sheets. [$117]

Head over to Huckberry to shop the full sale.

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