Set up Your Own Backyard Getaway With These Discounted Fire Pits

We could all use a little outdoor oasis right now.

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With the weather warming up and our collective pining to get outside and, ya know, do stuff growing larger by the day, plenty of us are looking for easy ways to escape from the confines of the couch. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by sprucing up your outdoor space, even if it's small. Fortunately, Wayfair's got you covered on that front, with big discounts on a huge variety of fire pits.

Whether you're dealing with a sizable backyard or a cramped city patio, a fire pit can do wonders to transform the space into a mini oasis that's perfect for gathering around for some beers or cocktails at night (and s'mores, of course). Wayfair's current sale is packed with a bounty of options for every budget, from standalone wood-burning metal models to more sophisticated gas-powered rigs, and quite a few that feature convenient built-in tables. You'll want to take a look at the full lineup -- where you can nab up to 60% off original prices -- but we've pulled out a few of our favorites.

  • Get 30% off this Lunar Concrete fire pit (now $980) - [Get it here]
  • Get 25% off this Flanigan Steel Wood Burning fire pit (now $180) - [Get it here]
  • Get 60% off this Eliora Stainless Steel Propane fire pit table (now $750) - [Get it here]
  • Get a Wave Gel table top fireplace for $83 - [Get it here]
  • Get 24% off a Dumisani Aluminum Propane fire pit table (now $670) - [Get it here]
  • Get 31% off a Grice Concrete Propane Gas fire pit table (now $430) - [Get it here]
  • Get 23% off a Caelan Outdoor Concrete Propane Gas fire pit table (now $480) - [Get it here]
  • Get 42% off a Peace Steel Charcoal fire pit (now $114) - [Get it here]
  • Get 61% off a Izzo Crossweave Steel wood burning fire pit (now $110) - [Get it here]
  • Get 54% off a Jackqueline Steel wood burning fire pit table (now $129) - [Get it here]

Head to Wayfair to check out the deals and start building out your backyard escape.

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