Now's the Time to Get an Outdoor Hammock for a Great Price

There's no denying that a hammock is a summertime essential.

Hang loose out there | ENO
Hang loose out there | ENO
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You won't find it published in any scientific papers about human psychology, but I have to believe that whenever an individual is walking through a park on a sunny, breezy afternoon and spots two trees about 15' to 20' away from one another, they think to themselves "now that would be a great spot for a hammock."

And as we spend more time outdoors -- whether in parks or around fire pits in our own backyards/patios -- we definitely start seeing new ways to bring comforts into the wild. A hammock is one of those comforts, especially when you get one for a super low price. Like you can right now over at Wayfair's Really Awesome Hammock and Bench Sale.

You'll find hammocks and benches of all shapes and sizes for up to 60% off. So whether you're looking for something compact you can throw up at the park or something inexpensive to hang up in your backyard bungalow, you're covered. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Get 10% off this travel hammock from Rambler (now $27) [Get it here]
  • Grab this hanging chair hammock (with a cup holder of course) for $45 [Get it here]
  • Get this extremely portable and beloved double hammock from ENO for $70 [Get it here]
  • Save 42% on this indoor/outdoor canvas chair hammock (now $75) [Get it here]
  • Save 44% on this outdoor bar hammock from Bay Isle (now $90) [Get it here]
  • Save 55% on a Wapanucka cotton hammock tree hammock (now $103) [Get it here]
  • Save 15% on a nylon camping hammock you can throw in a backpack (now $50) [Get it here]
  • Grab a set of tree straps for $27 (which you'll most certainly need to hang your new hammock) [Get it here]
Head over to Wayfair now so you can spend even more time outside later.

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