Upgrade Your Entire Home in 2020 With This Huge Wayfair Furniture Sale

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Attempting a dry January this year? Ready to take up that new hobby or learn a language in 2020? Tackling all your ambitious resolutions at once is daunting, but if one of them is to upgrade your home decor, right now's a great time to get started thanks to a big new Wayfair furniture sale stocked with stuff for nearly every room in your home for up to 70% off. 

Wayfair just kicked off a big new sale on everything from bedroom and living room furniture, to lighting, linens, home decor, and more, with discounts up to 70% (and sometimes more) off select items. Even if you're only interested in upgrading a specific room or nook, you shouldn't have trouble finding a solid deal, since there are great bargains to be had in just about every category. You'll want to scope out the full sale for yourself, but we've pulled out a few our favorite bargains so far. 

  • 50% off Boswell upholstered platform beds [Get it]
  • 79% off Pascal upholstered beds [Get it]
  • 41% off Quitaque Chesterfield sofas [Get it]
  • 53% off Alijah mid century vintage modular love seats [Get it]
  • 63% off Brandt blue area rugs [Get it]
  • 46% off Golden Girl southwestern ivory/blue/yellow area rugs [Get it]
  • 67% off Newburyport abstract pink/orange/yellow area rugs [Get it]
  • 78% off Valeria blue area rugs [Get it]
  • Kitchen & dining furniture starting at $100 [Get it]
  • 65% off select lighting fixtures [Get it]
  • 65% off select small kitchen electronics [Get it]
  • Mattresses starting at $199 [Get it]
  • 65% off select fireplaces (and fireplace accessories) [Get it]

Take some time to peruse the full lineup of price-dropped furniture and more at Wayfair.

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