Road Trip-Ready Weed Accessories to Help Enhance Your Next Getaway

The tricks, tools, and even a dark horse edible that will maximize the highs along your route.

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2020 is really weed’s year. State governments decided cannabis home delivery is as essential as grocery stores. Sales are breaking records in every legal state as people struggle to cope and isolate as best we can. And now that we can venture out into wide open spaces while weather permits, weed remains as vital as ever for setting some kind of vacation vibe and helping you get a little lost in nature. These are the tricks, tools, and the dark horse edible that will maximize the highs along your route. 

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A Portable Ashtray

Price: $5
A good traveler leaves no trace, and that includes roaches. Whether in a rental car or in the middle of the woods, it’s best to capture your ash responsibly with a portable, closable ashtray. This Kiipr Pouch Ashtray is lined with a flame-proof material (and is extremely cute). Simply place the butt inside, button down and pinch. The pouch immediately puts it out, and actually expands to hold a decent amount of detritus. During peak fire season all over the country, the last thing the cannabis community needs is association with any unintended forest fires.

Amazon/Maitane Romagosa

A Magnifying Glass Lighter

Price: $13
Depending on where your adventures end up taking you, your lighter may not survive the ride. Instead of fumbling with a pack of Bics, upgrade your stoner survivalist kit with a credit card-sized magnifying glass. This really does work! Focus the pinpoint of light on the spot you wish to light and it’ll begin smoking within a few seconds. It’s the best way to start a daytime smoke sesh at a particularly windy viewpoint. Or campfire or a barbecue. 

Moonpicks/Maitane Romagosa

Weed Toothpicks

Price: $30
At this point, there are few American road trip trajectories that don’t intersect with a city or state where adult-use cannabis is legal. As you peruse the local offerings and regional faves for supplies, I highly, emphatically recommend that you try out any THC or CBD-infused toothpicks on the shelf. Hear me out. You arrive at your scheduled day hike destination and the trail is busier than expected with fellow adventurers. Pop a toothpick in, and no one will be the wiser. Not enough of a buzz? Just enjoy a second toothpick. You hold it in your mouth and chew on it occasionally in order to ingest the concentrated cannabis, an intake method that looks as cool as it is discreet. No smell; no ash; no melted chocolates or gummy edibles in your pocket. 

Amazon/Maitane Romagosa

A Rolling Tray

Price: $15
An adequate rolling surface is a subjective concept. In a pinch, we’ve all used the hood of a car or the back of one’s phone. But we’ve also all had a surprise gust of wind suddenly set our sesh back to square one. Save yourself the drama by rolling your smokeables up before you leave the car, and do it on a steady flat surface with a lipped edge. This simple metal tray looks large, but when you’ve actually got it in your lap while rolling on a bumpy road, you’ll be happy for the extra surface area to catch all the ground up weed. 

Amazon/Maitane Romagosa

A Joint Holder

Price: $12
If you like to roll your own, a hard-sided, waterproof container, or “doob tube,” is as important as remembering to grab your mask. It’ll protect your joint from getting squished during adventures, prevent it from drying out overnight, and if you happen to make a pit-stop to swim -- this will keep your joint floating within reach. Some like this Green Jay tube have a childproof screw top and metal material that holds up better in hot weather, but this plastic pop top from Another Room also does the trick with less fuss.

Amazon/Maitane Romagosa

Resin Wipes

Price: $13
Although a clean piece is always ideal, packing a jug of rubbing alcohol for maintenance on your trip is rarely practical. Save your antibacterial wipes for the door handles and invest in some quality wipes designed for cleaning up stubborn weed resin on your bowl and anywhere else it appears. Sticky fingers, a sludgy smudge on your lighter, a dirty ash poker -- these will most definitely come in handy. 

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