Carne Collective’s Premium Cuts Will Take Your Summer Feasts to New Heights

Level-up your grilling game this summer with grass-fed beef shipped directly from farms in Argentina.

Courtesy of Carne Collective
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Last year, when supply chains were interrupted as a result of COVID and ill-advised panic-buying took hold, it became increasingly difficult to get your hands on everything from toilet paper to flour. Meat, too, was hard to come by for many, and led to a huge boom for beef, chicken, and pork subscription and delivery services. And while things have settled a bit and grocery stores may be flush with stock again, why bother settling for supermarket beef when you could be enjoying premium cuts this summer delivered directly to your door from sustainable farms in Argentina? Allow us to introduce you to Carne Collective.

Carne Collective is a subscription service that specializes in shipping grass-fed, pasture-raised beef sourced from the best ranches in Argentina straight to your door. In other words, it's committed to sending you what is arguably the best beef on the planet that's not only been raised ethically and sustainably, but tastes downright delicious. So if you're hoping to level-up your grilling feasts this summer, this is an easy way to set yourself up for success.

Courtesy of Carne Collective

Here's how Carne Collective works: First, you'll select one of its three core Boxes (Campo, Asado, or Gaucho), each of which is slightly different in terms of selection—from sirloin steaks and filets, to ground chuck and flank steaks—and curated every month by the company's master butchers. From there, you'll decide the frequency of your deliveries (every two, four, or eight weeks), and finally, customize or add any selections that you see fit. Prices are also quite reasonable, with boxes running between $129 and $249, or around $4.25 per serving.

If you're not totally ready to commit to a full subscription, you can also shop a la carte to pick and choose specific cuts you'd like to try (or order any special seasonal boxes, like the Memorial Day box and Father's Day box that are currently available).

Argentina is known as producing some of the finest beef in the world, but if you're looking for even more info on exactly where your meat is coming from, Carne has details about all four of the farms it works with there. The company is also committed to sustainability by only working with farms that use regenerative agricultural practices, and ships meat in carbon neutral boxes.

Looking for a reason to pull the trigger on a new subscription? For a limited time, Carne is offering an exclusive Father's Day deal for Thrillist readers on subscriptions to its Gaucho Box. You can get 20% off your first box, plus they'll throw in two free filet mignons in every box subsequent box shipment for life when you use code THRILLIST.

Ready to treat yourself to better beef? Head to Carne Collective.