This Eye-Catching Bag Brand Is a Traveler’s Dream

Dagne Dover's lineup of easy-to-carry, minimalist bags are just what you'll want to bring on all your globe-trotting adventures.

Courtesy of Dagne Dover
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Everyone has their own version of the "perfect" carry-on bag. Maybe yours is one with countless pockets, or crazy-padded shoulder straps, or is somehow big enough to stash an entire closet worth of outfits and shoes (even if you are just going away for the weekend). Whatever features are on your wish list, we're fairly certain you'll be able to find a great option that checks all the boxes (and likely more) from Dagne Dover

Founded by three women on a mission to make lives easier through good design, Dagne Dover produces super-functional minimalist bags that are built to keep up with a modern, hectic lifestyle. In other words, they're designed to help keep you organized and comfortable, all while looking damn good doing so. The company—which launched in 2013—makes everything from amazing neoprene backpacks and duffels, to laptop and crossbody bags, totes, weekenders, and more in stylishly muted colorways that make it easier to stash just about everything you'd ever need to schlep, whether it's to the office or overseas. 

Dagne Dover

Each of its bags are thoughtfully engineered with functionality in mind. That means there are use-minded compartments, hidden zip pockets, sleeves, and straps built into many of its most popular products to maximize space and keep things organized—a big win for anyone who's tired of wasting time and energy awkwardly fishing out that one thing that you know is your bag somewhere. Plus, it's committed to continuing and enhancing its eco-friendly production efforts, by ensuring it doesn't use any hazardous chemicals, using recycled materials where possible (specifically in the lining of its new and improved neoprene bags), reusing factory scraps, and introducing its "Almost Vintage" marketplace where customers can buy and sell "pre-loved" Dagne Dover items.

If you're in the market for travel accessories, Dagne also has you covered there. It makes a lovely lineup of wallets, card cases, pouches, tech organizers and toiletry bags—all of which share the brand's eye-catching minimalist aesthetic. You can of course buy items individually, but Dagne also offers an option to save by bundling some of their perfect pairs. Even better? Right now, the brand is offering Thrillist readers 10% off their order when you use code THRILLIST10 at checkout.

Treat yourself and scope out everything the brand makes at Dagne Dover.

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