You Need One of These Booze-Filled Piñatas for Your Next Party

Nipyata sells gorgeous personalized piñatas stuffed with mini plastic booze bottles and candy, and right now they're offering Thrillist readers a cool 15% off.

Courtesy of Nipyata
Courtesy of Nipyata
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Many or us are most familiar with piñatas as a fun game to play during childrens' birthday parties or other festive celebrations, but the tradition of breaking an object filled with goodies goes way, way back. We're talking thousands of years back. Some believe they originated in China and made their way west to Europe and eventually Mexico, while others suggest our modern idea of the piñata evolved from a number of different cultures—and religious customs—to become the candy- and toy-filled paper machè shapes we whack blindfolded with sticks today. But no matter where you stand on its origins, I think we can all agree that having one filled with alcohol is a great way to take your shindig to the next level. So without further ado, please welcome Nipyata to the party.

Nipyata, as its name suggests, makes piñatas that are filled with plastic nips (the slang term used to describe mini bottles of hard alcohol, like the ones you'd get on an airplane). They're not entirely filled with booze, though, since your party guests will likely want something to chase the alcohol with. And you know what makes a great chaser? Candy.

Courtesy of Nipyata

The company sells a number of different booze-stuffed piñata varieties, from versions intended to celebrate milestone birthdays, to bachelorette party-appropriate fare, unicorn-shaped options and even some irreverently themed vessels (e.g., the "Karen-yata"). Each one is pre-loaded with a particular number of plastic nips from top booze brands (Fireball, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Bacardi, JAJA , etc.) and plenty of candy, and comes included with a blindfold, hanging twine, "smashin' stick," and if you'd like, a personalized handwritten note for the recipient. If you'd prefer to have yours loaded with a specific type of booze or candy, they also do custom orders.

And while piñatas are certainly the company's area of expertise, Nipyata also sells a full line of giftable "Drinkable Cards," which are personalized greeting cards that come included with a nip of choice (including a selection of glass options from more premium brands like Grey Goose, Casamigos, Jameson, and others).

Ready to get the party started? Nipyata is currently offering 15% off all purchases for Thrillist readers right now when you use code THRILLIST15 at checkout. Just a heads up: Deliveries do require an adult signature.