Elevate Your Morning Routine with Beans from This Farmer-First Coffee Brand

A subscription to Onda Origins gets you recurring shipments of super-fresh beans from sustainable farms around the world. And right now, they’re offering Thrillist readers a free gift.

Courtesy of Onda Origins/Karl Hackett
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For those of us who rely on a cup (or five) of coffee every morning, it's easy to get sucked into a routine of sipping the same blend of beans all week (or month! Or year!) long. And sure, it's great to find a brew you particularly vibe with. But what's the point of living if you don't throw in some variety every once and while. Luckily, you can easily set yourself to receive a steady cadence of new and delicious beans from sustainable farms all across the world, roasted fresh and delivered straight to your door. Meet Onda Origins.

Onda Origins is a direct-to-consumer coffee brand that not only sells individual bags of coffee from its roster of sustainable farms around the world, but also offers a subscription program that sets you up with recurring shipments of freshly roasted beans at a frequency that matches your consumption habit. However, what sets the brand apart from much of the competition in the exceedingly crowded consumer coffee market is its commitment to supporting the farmers who grow its beans by returning a meaningful amount of revenue for every bag sold directly to them—amounting to a bonus that's twelve times higher than a typical Fair Trade bonus. In other words, they're ensuring farmers are not only paid well for the hard work they do, but enough that they can also thrive while putting money back into both their local communities and environments.

The Kisiizi Community in Uganda grows one of Onda Origins most popular brews | Courtesy of Onda Origins

And while you'll undoubtedly feel good about Onda's coffee thanks to its revenue-sharing business model, the flavor and freshness of its beans will hook you just the same. Its blends and bean offerings (all of which are freshly roasted in Seattle) come from farms in notable coffee producing countries like Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Uganda, and Burundi, and they've all earned rave reviews from customers. Plus, each bag includes info on the particular Onda farmer partner who grew the beans inside, and the brand's site is stocked with profiles about each so you can learn even more.

While you can easily shop for individual 12-ounce bags of its coffee, a subscription is a great way to sample many of them on an ongoing basis. You can also customize the cadence depending on how much you drink, and specify whether you want it delivered as whole beans or ground for whatever brewing method you use. Plus, right now's a good time to give a subscription a try, because Onda Origins is currently offering Thrillist readers a free eight-pack of single serve coffees (perfect for camping!) when you use this link to sign up.

Ready to find out how delicious it is to truly fairly support sustainable coffee farmers? Head to Onda Origins now.