This Booking Site Is the Key to the Ultimate Summer Getaway

Outdoorsy wants to hook you up with the ultimate road trip rig, and is making it incredibly easy (and affordable) to make it happen.

Courtesy of Outdoorsy
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As many of us eagerly await a return to "normal" summer, the goal of making it one to remember is top of mind. And frankly, what better way to build out an itinerary filled with bucket list activities across the country than by hitting the road in an RV? Road tripping is, after all, one of our favorite ways to travel. And it's easier than ever to do it in style by renting an RV, camper, trailer or motorhome thanks to the good folks at Outdoorsy.

Like a matchmaking service for you and your dream adventures, Outdoorsy is a site that makes it super simple to rent reliable and kitted out RVs, camper vans, trailers, and other similar road-ready rigs for your next big excursion. Similar to Airbnb, you can easily search Outdoorsy for other peoples' vehicles that are available to rent during a certain timeframe, for a specific number of guests, and in a particular area. Beyond that, you can further filter to restrict listings to include vehicles in a particular class (e.g., how big they are), towability, price range, pet-friendliness, and all manner of other amenities—from WiFi and TVs to outdoor showers and bike racks. In other words, Outdoorsy gives you full control to find exactly what you want and what will work best for your crew of road warriors.

Courtesy of Outdoorsy

As you'd expect, the number of available rentals depends heavily on the area you're searching in, but it's safe to say there are lots of listings in practically every corner of the country. And in terms of pricing, you can of course splurge on more luxe offerings, but we found that the majority of the rentals hover somewhere in the $150-$200 per night range. When it comes to how far you can go, most rentals come with a per day mileage allotment (similar to those you'd find on a rental car), so you'll just have to pay by the mile if you exceed that. Our advice? Take full advantage of your PTO that's been sitting unused and let yourself leisurely explore.

Outdoorsy doesn't just facilitate giving you the keys to someone else's RV and ghost you, though. You can contact the vehicle owner at any time through the app, and the company also provides handy RV-specific guides to popular national and state parks so you can journey confidently and well-informed.

Ready to make summer 2021 your best one yet? Head to Outdoorsy and reserve the rig of your dreams.