Hurry, Apple AirPods Pros Are Down to $190

This is a can't-miss Prime Day deal.

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If working from home for over a year hasn't given you a newfound appreciation for noise-canceling headphones, well, consider yourself lucky. There's something truly exhilarating about silencing the outside world, even if that's just finding a bit of peace in your own home. And while there are plenty of great noise-canceling personal audio options out there, Apple's excellent AirPods Pros are among our faves.

Not only do they naturally play very nicely with other Apple devices (meaning connecting is a breeze), but because the noise-canceling tech and audio quality is superb. The only downside? The price tag, which typically hovers in the $250 range. But right now, if you act fast, you can snag a serious Amazon Prime Day deal on a pair for just $190—the lowest price we've seen for these since at least Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Beyond being equipped with active noise cancellation, they also feature a "transparency" mode that allows you to hear the outside world on command when you need to. Plus, they're sweat and water resistant (so they're solid for workouts) and boast a battery life of over 24 hours. In other words, they're your ultimate companion while traveling, at the gym, or just trying to stay head-down as your work at your kitchen table.

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