25+ Fun & Clever Face Masks That Put Your Personality on Display

From memes and movies, to Tiger King & Guy Fieri, there are lots of ways to (responsibly) express yourself in public right now.

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Like it or not, wearing a face mask in public will likely be the norm for quite some time. At this point, it's not only recommended by most experts to help contain the spread of coronavirus, but it's mandated in many states and cities. And, sure, they may be a bit cumbersome, but if we you have to wear one, why not make the most of it?

Luckily, the cheeky fabric face mask market is booming, as legions of brands and artists have been unleashing designs to help you broadcast a little levity and light through all of this. So, if you've been meaning to pick up some slightly "cooler" mask options to help make your socially responsible precautions a little more entertaining and expressive, we've pulled together dozens of picks that celebrate memes, movies, celebs, and more that will surely earn a smile or two (even if you can't see them) from passersby.

Shinesty/Emily Carpenter

The Tiger King triumvirate

Price: $60
Though you may have exhausted your exasperated Tiger King theories about Carole Baskin's husband, why not silently signal your ongoing obsession with the series by wearing a Joe Exotic glamour shot on your face? This three-pack is currently available for pre-order, but you can also purchase them individually for a $20 a pop. Also, 20% of proceeds from these masks go directly to the efforts of the non-profit

Threadless/Emily Carpenter

Mario & Luigi

Price: $17 for Mario, $17 for Luigi
It's a-mee, a-socially responsible Nintendo fan! These two reusable face masks let you cosplay as either Mario or Luigi (from the eyes down, at least). Plus, a portion of proceeds made from these will be donated to MedShare.

Disney/Emily Carpenter

Baby Yoda & other Star Wars favorites

Price: $20 per 4-pack
May the Fourth may be behind us, but now's your chance to subtly embrace your Star Wars fandom every time you're in public. Disney has put out a special four-pack of masks celebrating the iconic franchise, featuring beloved characters like Baby Yoda and R2D2, plus two others including a movie poster-esque shot of Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca, and another patterned with Star Wars symbols. 

Revolve Clothing

The Disco Bandit

Price: $45
This mask's design is best described as "party in the front, business in the back." thanks to the metallic chainmail covering that gives it a veil-like appearance. Beneath that, though, is a legit cloth mask that actually covers your nose and mouth. And as if rocking a disco ball panel on your face isn't quite enough, rest assured: there's also crystal embellishments on the edges and metallic chain ear loops.

Etsy/Emily Carpenter

The Keanu

Price: $20
Although this face mask isn't being sold be Keanu himself, we have to believe the famously game and friendly actor would approve of wearing it. Each one comes bedecked with his amiable visage in a pattern that's actually -- dare we say it -- stylish?


The Guy Fieri

Price: $12
Have you always wished you could pull off Guy Fieri's slightly frosted goatee yourself? Great news! This mask makes it easy, as it features the beloved Mayor of Flavortown's unmistakable chin coif.

Hot Topic/Emily Carpenter

The One With The Friends Logo

Price: $12
This little number (which is sold through Hot Topic, of all places) is a great way to honor both public health best practices and one of the best series to lean on during those times you want to fall down a nostalgic wormhole (aka right now).

Etsy/Emily Carpenter

The Drake mixtape mask

Price: $12
Drake fans will get a kick out of this minimalist mask which is modeled after the scrawled handwriting stylization on the cover of his 2015 mixtape, "If You're Reading This It's Too Late," with a timely message to keep your social distance.

Threadless/Emily Carpenter

The Rick Sanchez

Price: $17
As we continue to lean on the learnings and expertise of so many scientists to guide us through this unprecedented moment, it seems only fitting to wear a mask that pays homage to one, even if they're not actually real. In this case, it's the fictional (and somewhat problematic) protagonist of the series Rick & Morty


The Team Tributes

Price: $15 and up
For the superfans among us who miss watching their teams compete more than ever, Fanatics has unleashed a lineup of over 800 different cloth masks featuring the officially licensed logos and symbols for pro and college teams across nearly every league. From NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, and WNBA teams, to a huge roster of collegiate designs and even NASCAR options, you'll be able to find something to showcase your team pride right on your face.

Disney/Emily Carpenter

The Marvel super-fan mask collection

Price: $20 per 4-pack
If you're a bit down about the fact that upcoming Marvel blockbusters have been delayed, you can at least celebrate your fandom by wearing it on your face with this collection of four different Marvel masks. The pack includes one with the Hulk another that's Black Panther-themed, one with a grid of characters and symbols, and another decked out in a repeating Marvel logo pattern. 

Etsy/Emily Carpenter

The Patrick Star lip gloss meme mask

Price: $57
If you're interested in rocking the most extra face mask you can find -- and open to spending upwards of $60 on it -- please direct your attention to this truly insane version inspired by the meme of Spongebob's Patrick Star in full lip gloss and acrylics. If you're curious why it costs so much, it likely has to do with the fact that it's embellished with 1,000 crystals and "decorative charm details."

Etsy/Emily Carpenter

The Spirited Away super-fan pick

Price: $20
For Studio Ghibli devotees, this mask sports an homage to No-Face -- the spirit/monster guided by Chihiro throughout the film Spirited Away.


The Jeff Goldblum

Price: $20
Does the feeling of wearing a face mask emblazoned with a photo of a young-ish Jeff Goldblum shushing the camera make you feel extra safe? If so, you're going to want to get your hands on this one.

Etsy/Emily Carpenter

The material girl mask

Price: $17
The fabric face covering features Madonna during various iterations of her career (notably on the earlier side), but if you'd rather rock one that features a different pop culture icon, designer Ego Rodrigues has a bounty of other options on Threadless.

Etsy/Emily Carpenter

The classic rock collection

Price: $20
From the Beatles to KISS, AC/DC to The Who, this series of fabric masks from Etsy seller LuLindsay is stocked with a variety of colorful washable options decked out in references to legendary rock groups. 

Threadless/Emily Carpenter

The Schwarzenegger

Price: $17
Arnold. The Governator. The Austrian Oak. Whatever your preferred name for the iconic action star, donkey owner, and notable social distancing advocate, this mask will keep you covered in a cartoonish version of Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature toothy grin.

Don't see anything you like? Order yours custom.

Price: $13 and up
If you have a brilliant idea for a face mask design, or prefer something a little more custom, the site Zazzle has a special section where you can easily upload any image of your choice and have it printed on a premium cotton or cloth covering of your choice. 

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