20 Workout-Friendly Face Masks to Stay Safe & Comfortable While You Sweat

Sweating under a face mask certainly isn't ideal, but there are lots of great options out there that'll make moving around outside or at the gym a bit more comfortable.

Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist
Design by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist
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While hope remains on the horizon, the simple truth is that face masks are still helping reduce the spread of COVID, and subsequently saving lives. Vaccination and booster rates are up, but with breakthrough Omricron infections running rampant we can't let our guard down just yet. Yes, wearing a face covering is annoying, but mask mandates are back for good reason, and you'd be wise to follow the latest public health protocols. Now that we’re all clear on that, let’s get down to the important matter at hand: finding a mask that looks good, keeps you and others around you protected, and is comfortable to wear while you’re working out (or, just generally living your active, sweaty life). 

Luckily, you have a lot of options. The face mask market continues to boom (and there's no shortage of choices to help you put your personality on display), and select brands and manufacturers have invested plenty of time and energy into producing versions that are particularly suited to handle heavy breathing, whether it be while running, working out, or during particularly boisterous happy hours. To make it easy to track down the right one for you, we've pulled together 20 exceptionally comfortable workout-worthy masks that'll last through whatever you throw at them.

Under Armour/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $25
Under Armour has applied its expertise at producing high-performance fitness gear to face masks, with arguably the best option for anyone looking to workout while staying covered. Each one is made from UA’s signature high-performance materials, and is structured in such a way that it sits up and off the face and lips. It sports a water-resistant outer shell, an anti-microbial treatment on the inner layer, and—best of all—has an inner lining made of UA’s “Iso-Chill” fabric, which feels cool to the touch as long as you wear it.


Price: $28
The beloved activewear has developed this special mask—made from smooth Ultralu fabric—to keep you extra comfortable with added protection while you break a sweat. It's designed with low-profile seams and a shape that helps lift the mask away from your mouth (a big help with you're breathing heavy), and features two adjustable straps to ensure it stays in place as you bop around wherever it is you're working out.


Price: $10
This lightweight and breathable option from MasQd features a cotton interior lining, making it comfortable and soft to wear, and is fashioned from antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials that are safe to throw in the washing machine. Its triple layer construction also boasts a special pocket for a filter (which you can purchase separately here) for added protection.


Price: $40
Designed at the ASICS Institute for Sport Science, this mask is designed with quick-drying fabric that's also comfortable and breathable. It also features strategically placed air holes to increase airflow while preventing saliva droplets from splashing into the open air. Plus, it boasts a water-repellant exterior that's easy to keep clean, and a comfy adjustable strap system to ensure it you'll find a fine-tuned fit for any face.

Vistaprint/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $10
Vistaprint—which typically makes physical marketing materials for small businesses—has made a hard pivot to face masks. The company has an extensive selection of designs to pick from, but its masks are also notable in that they’re made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you as dry as possible even when working up a sweat. They’re also equipped with a replaceable filter system that lets you slip in disposable protection filters if you’d like. Beyond that, they’ve got comfy adjustable latex-free straps and are machine washable.

Price: $17
A company that developed out of a necessity for better and more affordable PPE as a result of COVID, Blue Bear has honed its mask offerings to be both extremely effective and exceedingly comfortable. Its ProSport Mask is particularly well suited for staying safe during labor-intensive activities thanks to its lightweight and breathable material, adjustable ear loops, and a replaceable Nanotech filter that adds an extra layer of protection. And if you're curious just how comfortable they are, a cursory perusal of customer reviews should provide all the evidence you need. 


Price: $22.95
This premium mask from Wolford is double-layered to provide extra protection while remaining extra breathable and ready to handle your huffing and puffing. It also features aluminum nose wires for a custom fit over your nose, and a water-repellent finish so you aren’t dealing with a soggy rag on your face after a big workout.

Price: $30
Made in the EU, these comfortable and slick masks are treated with VirafOff, a biocide that's designed to reduce the need to wash them. It's also equipped with replaceable three-layer nanofilters, an exhalation valve (which forces air to pass through the filter when exhaled) for easy breathing, and is fashioned with a special fluorine-free water-repellent fabric that removes moisture from inside the mask.


Price: $14
Made from a single layer knit, washable quick drying fabric, this mask boasts a double-strap design that wraps around the back of your head (your ears will thank you), and a seamless construction that ensures it stays snug across the unique contours of your face while you're moving.


Price: $25 for a 5-pack
Athleta makes super-comfy everyday activewear, so it stands to reason that its face masks are perfect for being able to move and breathe easy while you’re breaking a sweat. These are made from a lightweight polyester/spandex material that promotes air flow while keeping you and those around you protected.

Koral/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $20
Koral, which typically produces colorful and stylish activewear and leggings, has come out with its own face mask—specifically designed to keep you safe while breaking a sweat. They’re made using Koral’s antimicrobial performance fabrics and boast the same benefits of much of its other activewear: fast-drying tech, breathability, UV protection, and a soft lycra stretch for a secure fit.


Price: $12 for a 2-pack
Carbon38 has applied its activewear expertise to a nifty new face mask, which is equipped with a multilayered filtration system and fast-drying antibacterial fabric to keep you cool and safe. Plus, it comes with a handy small laundry bag so machine-washing in between workouts is a breeze.

Prime Layers/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $19.90 for a 3-pack
If you’re going to wash your face mask a lot (and you should, especially if you’re sweating in it frequently), Prime Layers has your back. Its masks are made from double-layered breathable chambray cotton to stand up to lots of washing, and feature comfy straps and an adjustable metal nose to keep comfortable fully covered without feeling smothered.


Price: $12 for a 2-pack
These ultra-comfortable, quick-drying masks from Onzie are made from upcycled fabric the brand typically uses in its yoga clothing. That means you’re getting multi-layered protection with full-flex Spandex technology which allows for added stretch and breathability.

Everlane/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $9 for a 3-pack
Everlane’s fabric masks are made from double-layer knit cotton and lycra, and—much like Everlane t-shirts—are exceptionally comfortable. They may not be as a high performance or tech-forward as some of the others on this list, but they’re still a great option for lighter workouts or activity. Also, for every 100% Human product sold, Everlane donates 10% of the sale to the ACLU.

Outdoor Voices/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $14 for a 5-pack
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing Outdoor Voices, you know how exceptionally comfortable its clothes are (looking at you, CloudKnit hoodie). So, it stands to reason that its face masks are, too. They’re made from the brand’s signature textured compression fabric, are remarkably breathable, and have earned rave reviews from customers.


Price: $14.90 for a 3-pack
Uniqlo is now making face masks with its ultra-breathable and super-comfy AIRism material, which is great at wicking away moisture. It's constructed with three layers, the first made of AIRism fabric, the second with a washable, built-in filter, and a third that features its special AIRism Mesh, which blocks UV rays. 

Casetify/Maitane Romagosa

Price: $15
Yes, Casetify is best known for making standout phone cases, but it's extended its protection prowess to face masks for obvious reasons. Its reusable washable masks (which come in packs of 1-100) are made from breathable cotton, and arrive with two disposable filter inserts to keep you extra protected (you can purchase more if you'd like). Plus, for every mask purchased, Casetify donates a mask to frontline workers.

Shock Doctor

Price: $10
Designed specifically for athletes in mind, this robust face covering features a patent-pending "Quick-Flip" technology that allows you to sip from a water bottle (or remove your mouthguard) without removing the mask or even touching your face. Plus it's fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, and also boasts moisture control tech to help wick away sweat.

Buck Mason

Price: $30 for a 5-pack
Buck Mason’s masks are made from a polyester/rayon blend and—like much of what the brand produces—are built to last. They’re super comfortable (with tie-on straps to keep your ears free), and sport a microbial outer coating that’ll last for 30 washes.

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