19 Workout-Friendly Face Masks to Stay Safe & Comfortable While You Sweat

Sweating under a face mask certainly isn't ideal, but there are lots of great options out there that'll make moving around outside this summer a bit more comfortable.

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Say it with me now: Face masks save lives. Cool, now that we’re all clear on that, let’s get down to the important matter at hand: finding a mask that looks cool, keeps you and others around you protected, and is comfortable to wear while you’re working out (or, just generally living your active, sweaty life this summer). 

Luckily, you have a lot of options. With the face mask market booming (and copious choices to help you put your personality on display), select brands and manufacturers have set out to create ones particularly suited to handle heavy breathing, whether it be while running, working out, or during particularly vigorous sessions of... socially distant frisbee in the park. To make it easy to track down the right one for you, we've pulled together 19 exceptionally comfortable workout-worthy masks that'll last you all summer.

Vistaprint/Maitane Romagosa

Vistaprint's Moisture Wicking Masks

Price: $18
Vistaprint -- which typically makes physical marketing materials for small businesses -- has made a hard pivot to face masks. The company has an extensive selection of designs to pick from, but its masks are also notable in that they’re made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you as dry as possible even when working up a sweat. They’re also equipped with a replaceable filter system that lets you slip in disposable protection filters if you’d like. Beyond that, they’ve got comfy adjustable latex-free straps and are machine washable. Plus, for every mask purchased, Vistaprint has committed to donating to a small business affected by Covid-19.


Wolford Stay Safe Water Repellant Mask

Price: $35
This premium mask from Wolford is double-layered to provide extra protection while remaining extra breathable and ready to handle your huffing and puffing. It also features aluminum nose wires for a custom fit over your nose, and a water-repellent finish so you aren’t dealing with a soggy rag on your face after a big workout.

REI/Maitane Romagosa

Buff Original Headwear mask

Price: $20
Bandanas may not compete in triathlons, but if they did they’d look a lot like this mask. The Buff is fashioned from Repreve performance polyester microfiber (made from recycled materials), features 4-way stretch to hold its shape and move with you, boasts a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50, and helps manage moisture by drying quickly. Plus, it also functions as a hairband or helmet liner, should the need arise.


Zenash Performance Face Mask

Price: $19
Made from a single layer knit, washable quick drying fabric, this mask boasts a double-strap design that wraps around the back of your head (your ears will thank you), and a seamless construction that ensures it stays snug across the unique contours of your face while you're moving.


Athleta Everyday Mask

Price: $30 for a 5-pack
Athleta makes super-comfy everyday activewear, so it stands to reason that its face masks are perfect for being able to move and breathe easy while you’re breaking a sweat. These are made from a lightweight polyester/spandex material that promotes air flow while keeping you and those around you protected. Plus, they’re committed to donating 100,000 masks to frontline workers.

Koral/Maitane Romagosa

Koral Infinity Face Masks

Price: $20
Koral, which typically produces colorful and stylish activewear and leggings, has come out with its own face mask -- specifically designed to keep you safe while breaking a sweat. They’re made using Koral’s antimicrobial performance fabrics and boast the same benefits of much of its other activewear: fast-drying tech, breathability, UV protection, and a soft lycra stretch for a secure fit. 


Carbon38 Mask Kit

Price: $29 for a 2-pack
Carbon38 has applied its activewear expertise to a nifty new face mask, which is equipped with a multilayered filtration system and fast-drying antibacterial fabric to keep you cool and safe. Plus, it comes with a handy small laundry bag so machine-washing in between workouts is a breeze.

Under Armour/Maitane Romagosa

Under Armour Sports Masks

Price: $30
Under Armour has applied its expertise at producing high-performance fitness gear to face masks, with arguably the best option for anyone looking to workout while staying covered. Each one is made from UA’s signature high-performance materials, and is structured in such a way that it sits up and off the face and lips. It sports a water-resistant outer shell, an anti-microbial treatment on the inner layer, and -- best of all -- has an inner lining made of UA’s “Iso-Chill” fabric, which feels cool to the touch as long as you wear it.

Inex Gear

The Better Bandana from Inex Gear

Price: $30
It may look like your average bandana, but this thing has some nifty hidden tech in it. For one, it has an embedded nanofiber filter that helps block airborne contaminants and the whole thing is fashioned from breathable INEXSHELL cotton (and equipped with a special antimicrobial treatment). Plus, it also features an adjustable nose bridge to help it stay better in place on your face.


Hanes Wicking Cotton Mask

Price: $25 for a 10-pack
These soft, washable cotton Hanes masks are super comfortable while providing three layers of coverage, and feature the brand’s Cool Comfort moisture-wicking fabric so that you can dominate your workouts without succumbing to a serious sweatfest on your face.

Prime Layers/Maitane Romagosa

Prime Layers Every Day Masks

Price: $15
If you’re going to wash your face mask a lot (and you should, especially if you’re sweating in it frequently), Prime Layers has your back. Its masks are made from double-layered breathable chambray cotton to stand up to lots of washing, and feature comfy straps and an adjustable metal nose to keep comfortable fully covered without feeling smothered.


Onzie Mindful Masks

Price: $24 for a 2-pack
These ultra-comfortable, quick-drying masks from Onzie are made from upcycled fabric the brand typically uses in its yoga clothing. That means you’re getting multi-layered protection with full-flex Spandex technology which allows for added stretch and breathability.

Everlane/Maitane Romagosa

Everlane 100% Human Face Masks

Price: $28 for a 3-pack
Everlane’s fabric masks are made from double-layer knit cotton and lycra, and -- much like Everlane t-shirts -- are exceptionally comfortable. They may not be as a high performance or tech-forward as some of the others on this list, but they’re still a great option for lighter workouts or activity. Also, for every 3-pack sold, Everlane donates 10% of the sale to the ACLU.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Mission Max Cooling Neck Gaiter

Price: $20
If you’re looking for a face-covering that also protects your from the sun (and heat), this neck gaiter is right up your alley. It provides an ultraviolet protection factor of 50, has “antimicrobial enhancements” to prevent odors, and offers a special water-activated cooling feature that cools up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit below average body temperature for up to three hours.

Outdoor Voices/Maitane Romagosa

Outdoor Voices Face Masks

Price: $25 for a 5-pack
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing Outdoor Voices, you know how exceptionally comfortable its clothes are (looking at you, CloudKnit hoodie). So, it stands to reason that its face masks are, too. They’re made from the brand’s signature textured compression fabric, are remarkably breathable, and have earned rave reviews from customers. Plus, 100% of proceeds go to Masks for the People, which provides PPE to underserved, minority communities.


Uniqlo AIRism Face Masks

Price: $14.90 for a 3-pack
Uniqlo is now making face masks with its ultra-breathable and super-comfy AIRism material, which is great at wicking away moisture. It's constructed with three layers, the first made of AIRism fabric, the second with a washable, built-in filter, and a third that features its special AIRism Mesh, which blocks UV rays. 

Casetify/Maitane Romagosa

Casetify Reusable Cloth Face Masks

Price: $15
Yes, Casetify is best known for making standout phone cases, but it's extended its protection prowess to face masks for obvious reasons. Its reusable washable masks (which come in packs of 1-100) are made from breathable cotton, and arrive with two disposable filter inserts to keep you extra protected (you can purchase more if you'd like). Plus, for every mask you purchase, Casetify donates a surgical mask to frontline workers.

Shock Doctor

Play Safe Face Mask from Shock Doctor

Price: $20
Designed specifically for athletes in mind, this robust face covering features a patent-pending "Quick-Flip" technology that allows you to sip from a water bottle (or remove your mouthguard) without removing the mask or even touching your face. Plus it's fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, and also boasts moisture control tech to help wick away sweat.

Buck Mason/Maitane Romagosa

Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Masks

Price: $20 for a 5-pack
Buck Mason’s masks are made from a polyester/rayon blend and -- like much of what the brand produces -- are built to last. They’re super comfortable (with tie-on straps to keep your ears free), and sport a microbial outer coating that’ll last for 30 washes.

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