This Portable Water Filtration System Is a Hiking Must-Have

The LifeStraw weighs just two ounces, fits in your pocket, and is the perfect portable water filtration system for emergencies. Plus, two-packs are 50% off right now for Prime Day.

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To be totally candid, most people won't need to use their LifeStraw, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one just in case. The LifeStraw is a portable emergency water filtration system to be used when you have no clean water around and happen to be in a survival situation, or have prematurely run out of water. The straw is filled with a membrane microfilter that will last up to 1,000 gallons (or enough for an individual to drink for five years).

What it does: The LifeStraw is able to filter out bacteria and parasites (including E.coli & salmonella) as well as microplastics and dirt & sand. This essentially means you can use it to drink out of streams, rivers, and lakes and won't end up with a nasty stomach bug. The way it works is simple; simply upcap the top, dip the straw in water, and take a few sips. Then blow through it to quickly clean it before repeating the process.

What it won't do: Remove viruses from water, reduce chemicals, and reduce lead. Most of these things won't be big deals for the average consumer. This only means that using a Lifestraw in a part of the world with contaminated water isn't recommended (although it's still better than nothing).

Should I get one?: Absolutely. Right now for Prime Day, a two-pack is just $20 (down from $40), and it's worth every penny in peace of mind should you wander off the trail hiking or accidentally run out of water far from civilization. It's an easy thing to store in your car, your camping kit, or even your bug-out bag.

Pro-tip: Make sure you bring a container that can hold water and fit the LifeStraw. You can lay on the ground and use the straw in water and it'll work just fine, but being able to collect water in a container such as a Nalgene and drink from that will be much more convenient.

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