Load Up on Wine With $22 Off Your First Four Bottles From Winc

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There is really no bad time to stock up on a few bottles of quality wine, though considering our current circumstances, many of us are being especially mindful of our vino reserves. If you count yourself among that crowd, today's a good day to sign up for Winc, because the online wine club is currently offering new members $22 off their first order of four bottles.

Unlike stuffy or intimidating wine-of-the-month clubs that you may be familiar with, Winc is designed to make the whole experience more accessible for everyone, and introduce you to things it thinks you'll like. When you sign up, you'll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to determine your "Palate Profile," which helps Winc pair you with recommend varietals and specific bottles for your next shipment (bottles are priced starting at just $13 each).

The company works with vineyards and wineries all over the world (and even produces its own varietals), so you have quite a selection to choose from -- including red, white, rosés, sparkling and vegan options. Of course, if you don't like the suggestions, you can always pick whatever you want, and while the default shipping schedule is once per month, there's also a handy "Shop Now" option when you need more sooner. Plus, if you need to skip a month, you can at any time without being charged.

To get in on off deal (which, again, is only valid for new members), just sign up using this link, and stock up. And FYI in case you're looking to really replenish your wine rack, members can also get 10% off orders of 12 bottles or more.

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