Step Up Your Virtual Happy Hours With These Convenient Cocktail Kits

And take advantage of a special Thrillist reader discount.

Emily Carpenter/W&P Design
Emily Carpenter/W&P Design
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Virtual happy hours and Zoom parties will never take the place of IRL bar hangouts, but that's no reason not to make your boozy, socially distant meetups with friends and co-workers as much fun as possible. One easy way to elevate the the virtual drinking games, game nights, and group chats? Mixologist-caliber drinks, which you can easily make yourself using these nifty new virtual happy hour cocktail kits.

From the team at W&P Design, which produces all manner of great cocktail-making essentials and ingredients, these Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits are slightly repurposed versions of their popular "Carry-On Cocktail Kits." However, since no one's really flying right now, you just whip these out once 5pm (or, let's be real, 4pm) rolls around, and go to town. And because we could all use a bit of a break right now, they're hooking Thrillist readers up with a 15% discount on purchases when you use code THRILLIST at checkout.

You have your pick of kits for making three distinct classic beverages -- an Old Fashioned, Margarita, or Moscow Mule -- each of which is stocked with all the ingredients (except the booze) you'll need to mix two flavorful cocktails, all packed in a handy aluminum case that'll make for a great reusable travel carrying case for whatever future trips you may be planning right now. Inside, you'll find a recipe card and small versions of respective mixers and garnishes (e.g., ginger syrup, rimming salt, bitters, cane sugar, etc.) plus whatever tools you'll need (e.g., a jigger, mixing spoon, muddler, etc.). And if you want to ensure you're well-provisioned to make lots more cocktails, W&P also sells larger bottles of each mixer.

Head to W&P Design to stock up, and use code THRILLIST at checkout to get 15% off your entire order.

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