You Can Get an Xbox One X for the Wildly Low Price of $260 Right Now

Xbox One X Sale
Control your destiny | Shutterstock
Control your destiny | Shutterstock
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There are usually two types of gamers: those who want to play the classics on a tricked out OG Nintendo that costs around $170… and those that want a heart-pumping, immersive experience playing in 4K on something like, oh, this ridiculously cheap Xbox One X from B&H, which is currently on sale for just $260. 

Right now, the Xbox One X is the cheapest it's ever been (and will probably sell out), so if you're serious about getting one, you'll need to pull the R + L trigger quickly. It's the best system for gaming in 4K and will likely maintain peak performance for years -- pending you hang onto that 4K TV of yours.

Other features:
Doubles as a 4K UHD Blu-ray player
Features a 2.3 GHz Custom 8-Core AMD CPU (whatever that means)
Your friends will flock to your place to hangout

Get yours for $260 from B&H… now!

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