Yoga Mats From Prana and Manduka Are up To 30% Off

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The yoga mat. The most utilitarian of mats. They're compact, come in a wide array of colors and thicknesses, and can be an essential part of your fitness regimen. They can also double as a makeshift bed when camping, a park "blanket," a sunshield for your car. Hell, they can even be used as a rug pad if needed. My point is that a yoga mat is something wonderful to own. And now you can get a great one on sale from Prana or Manduka (or both) when you head over to

If, like myself, you're stuck inside and going a little stir crazy, 20-minutes of yoga in the morning or at night (or whenever... it's your home, you can do what you want) will do wonders for your mental health, muscles, and overall wellbeing. You can also throw it down for sit-ups, push-ups, or lay on it and stare blankly at the ceiling -- which is meditation as far as I'm concerned. 

Head over to Backcountry and check out the full selection and sale

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