Double Down on Staying Healthy With 20% Off These Popular Superfood Supplements

A little nutritional boost never hurt nobody.

Your Super
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All-day grazing from the fridge and cupboards may make you feel a bit more comfortable stuck at home during these trying times, but it's likely depriving you of getting the immune-, energy-, and mood-boosting benefits of a balanced diet. And while stocking up on healthy and fresh groceries isn't so simple at the moment, you can easily give yourself a nutritional boost in the form of superfood supplements from sites like Your Super, which is currently offering 20% off everything.

Your Super makes a huge selection of organic plant protein and superfood mixes and powders -- from coffee replacements to instant green juices -- many of which can easily be added to whatever you're already eating or drinking. And for smoothie fans, much of their blends make for exceptional boosters and add-ins. We're certainly not advocating you stop snacking on comfort foods and adopt Gwenyth Paltrow-caliber eating habits, but it never hurts to balance things out a bit.

For beginners, they offer a "Starter Bundle" packed with their popular "Super Green" and "Forever Beautiful" mixes, plus a variety pack of other popular blends. If you're looking to target a particular area of nutrition, they also offer multi-pack options tailored for immunity, "detox," energy, beauty, and fitness, plus a huge selection of more specific mixes and blends -- all of which are currently 20% off when you use code STAYHOME at checkout.

Head to Your Super and stock up to feel better.

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