Signal Cell Phone Adviser

The annoyance of getting cell phone calls at work is only worsened by the shame of everyone being subjected to your "Take Me Home Tonight" ringer. Retain employment with the Signal Cell Phone Adviser

The SCPA is a prime example of the trippy wares from Pure Modern, a design shop situated so deep in the Colorado mountains, bears fear to eat their trash. How it works: your cellie rests loosely in a mug-sized glob of translucent plastic which blinks blue and white when triggered (much to the delight of Israelis/Yale alums). Because the SCPA detects incoming calls' radio waves, even with vibrate off and your phone on silent, getting a buzz results in a Bat Phone-ish glow-alert -- discreetly warning you that your girlfriend/neighbor/meth dealer is on the line with those dreaded paternity test results

While you're browsing PM's site, you should also check out the Holy Toast Bread Press, the solution to all your emblazoning-the-Virgin-Mary-onto-bread needs. And even after you use it to serve guests a surprisingly sanctified breakfast, rest assured that their ecstatic calls won't disturb your co-workers with the burnt-out stylings of Eddie Money.