Though California's one of the rare places where you can go from beach to mountains in the same afternoon, you'd need a really big car/pink-ribboned handlebar basket to lug around the accoutrements needed to enjoy both. Change that with a pair of Skatesliders.Simply: Skatesliders are mini-skis that snap onto the bottom of rollerblades, creating the best combo since my peanut butter allegedly ran into your chocolate. Like other mini-skis, they're optimized for tricks and intermediate slopes (which'll be conveniently empty as other skiers will've collapsed in laughter at the sight of your tiny units). The on-off process is child-easy, and the set comes with the needed tools for an instantaneous Venice/Tahoe transition -- provided you get adequate cold protection from your shouldered boombox and fluorescent green nutters.Unfortunately, SS's must be ordered from Germany, so expect to wait a couple weeks to get slidy. But this will give you valuable time to complete an even more important lifestyle integration: a job that snaps onto your couch.