Flud Watches

A classy watch can say "I'm dignified, and punctual", but what about those times when you want your wrist to say, "I'm ballerhouse, and will probably be an hour late"? For accessorized crazy, pick up a Flud.A colorfully WTF line of oversized wrist clocks, Fluds were designed by a NYC DJ and his sneakerhead pal who were frustrated that they couldn't find watches to match their sneakers -- so following that logic, there's also an untapped market for stainless steel wingtips featuring co-axial escapements. Flud's two signature pieces: the analog clock-face-in-a-turntable Tableturns (gold, black, or silver w/ leather strap or stainless links) and the ghetto blaster-shaped Boombox, avail in black or gunmetal silver w/ push button digital readout where the tape deck should be (making your wrist Radio Rahim). Flud also slings slightly less hip-hop-ish timepieces like the pretty-lady-faced Kharupt (designed by a Spidey/Superman/Ninja Turtles illustrator), The Roman numeraled Big Ben, and The Cage, which sports a pocket watch-like flip-open case the creators call "a nod to the past with super-future design" -- so basically, "now".Flud also sells the graffer-designed JAES One Wallclock, with ink pen minute/hour hands and graffiti numerals -- wear it around your neck, and you'll always show up on time, but everyone will hate you for it.

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