The King of Greene Street

Even royalty has to rough it sometimes: for example Napoleon, who lived in exile on Elba, and the Dalai Lama, who lives in exile with Bono. Banished to its own attic, The King of Greene Street, taking appointments now.A street level premium boutique whose opening's been stalled by NY bureau-crassholes, King's debuting in the interim as a 4th floor, reservations-only showroom in SoHo's "King of Greene Street" building -- famous among students of 19th Century cast iron French Renaissance construction, and those who patiently listen to them. Hit the showroom and King's experts'll ply you w/ vino, consider your style preferences, then suggest pieces from their inventory of hard-to-find Euro and Japanese swag, e.g., Italian-made, rakishly slim 24/7 suits, cashmere sweaters from Yoshi Funabashi, and knit cardigans & linen suits from Iceberg -- which, while sleek, offer limited protection against arctic waters/Billy Zane. King also slings kicks for every occasion, from Alberto Fasciani's zippered half-boots, to luxe leather oxfords from England's Cheaney, to ultra-comfy sneaks from Italian soccer cleat makers Pantofola d'Oro -- literally "golden slipper", which is why soccer players call it "Pantofola d'Oro".King's service extends to custom ordering pieces, and they'll soon offer custom fitting and manufacturing of some brands; rumor has it, the Lama himself will be there for saffron robes, but really he's just desperate to get out of the house.