Distinguish your feet

The problem with owning even the sweetest sneakers is that someone else does too, because you're not the only fan of the director's cut of Robert Redford as an over-the-hill security expert with a sweet convertible. Get kicks made just for you even the blind dude would dig, from Logan Real.

Born 'n raised Miamian Logan's a self-taught artist slapping totally custom work on your kicks, who got his start painting up tees and shoes for friends before getting orders from DJs, to which the only response is "you got it, dude". After a design consultation, Logan'll clean up your kicks with an alcohol-based cleaner to open up the pores for better paint retention on designs ranging from his trademark freehanded, multi-colored, geometric-shape mosaic, to all manner of images, from sports team logos, to iconic movie scenes, to your favorite comic book character, unless of course that character is Strong Guy, or anybody from DC not named Batman or Superman. Uniquely, he does the bulk of his stuff on Lacostes, while some of his other best work has been on Air Force Ones, so he's got something in common with Gary Oldman.

Not a total feet-ishist, Logan'll also toss his work on just about anything leather, from wallets, to belts, to your car interior, to your face, if you're Robert Redford.