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Jazz music in South Beach

Wealthy families always seem to include an older brother who worships Bentleys, bottle service, and the ability of those things to score him chicks, and a younger black sheep who shuns materialism in pursuit of art, underground music, and the ability of those things to score him chicks. Have a drink with South Beach's black sheep, (305) Music Lounge.Tucked into an alley behind Lincoln Road, (305)'s stripped out the washer/dryers and tiny detergents of its bygone Laundry Bar incarnation and cultivated a lofty art-warehouse feel with exposed pipes, graffiti, a bar/rump-shaking-zone up front and low-slung couches & leather cubes in back. Weeknights bring a chill local vibe with cheapish booze, a pool table, and classic arcade games like Rampage and Galaga -- a street-culture "Cheers" where some people might know your name even when you don't. Weekends, (305) morphs into a house of music worship (drum & bass, electro bass, an assortment of house) with out-of-town guest DJs and monthly rotating parties from the likes of Musical Missionary, French Kiss and the Geisha Girls; even bottle service is made less showy by the fact that, in the primo booth, it comes complete with Xbox -- when your bottle's deaded, ask for Gears of More.Stoking your jones for misbehavior masquerading as fine art, (305)'s Tuesday hip-hop party ("Murk'd") features graffiti artists tagging anything from cement to live girls -- an ideal situation for that creepy third kind of brother who never leaves the house without a jug of turpentine.