Everclear: The Unsung Superhero of Household Chores

Everclear is a staple for Jungle Juice-drinkers (aka college students) across the country, but the fiery, 85-percent ABV spirit is far more suited to a domestic lifestyle. It is the unsung superhero of household chores. From cleaning sticky surfaces to ridding your home of six-legged pests, here are five smart ways to use Everclear.

1. Disinfect Wounds

The next time you’re out of Neosporin and have a cut, splash your wound with Everclear. While any liquor can technically be used to sterilize wounds, high-proof grain alcohol is the most effective at killing bacteria. Just be sure to also rinse the wound with water and get medical attention if it’s really bad. A bottle of Everclear does not a doctor make.

2. Homemade Deodorant

Ever heard of tetrachlorohydrex gly? What about cyclopentasiloxane? We thought not. Stick deodorants are made with all kinds of unpronounceable chemicals, which is why some DIY-ers have taken to making their own D.O. and anti-perspirant with Everclear. The alcohol supposedly kills the odor-causing bacteria. And if you don’t want to smell like booze all day, add a few drops of essential oil to the mix and spritz away.

3. Air Freshener

Everclear’s deodorizing properties also make it a good alternative to store-bought air fresheners. To make your own Everclear air freshener, simply pour some of the spirit into a spray bottle with a few drops of essential oils.

4. All-Purpose Cleaner

Sticky computer keyboards and dirty windows or eyeglasses are helpless against a bottle of Everclear. Pour a few drops onto a cotton pad to clean off your laptop keyboard and screen, or spray a little on your windows for a crystal-clear view. If you’re worried about your home smelling like a bar, don’t be. The alcohol evaporates quickly and the smell will only linger for a few minutes.

5. Bug Killer

Just as it kills bacteria, Everclear also eliminates creepy crawlies. Pour some into a spray bottle and keep it at the ready for the next time a rogue cockroach makes the mistake of scuttling into your kitchen. To rid house plants of aphids, pour a 50-50 mix of Everclear and water into a spray bottle and spritz plants once a day until the problem clears up. Just don’t go overboard or you’ll run the risk of killing the plants. Some people even use Everclear to help deal with bedbug infestations, but we recommend leaving that to professionals.