Carrot Booze Is Real and It’s Delicious

C Carrot Eau de Vie
Matthew Kelly / Supercall

People always ask me if I ever get tired of writing about alcohol. “How much is there to say about booze?” they ask. And sometimes I think they’re right. The world of alcohol and alcohol-related topics is finite, right? How much more can there possibly be to cover? But then some spirit I never knew existed comes across on my desk, and I remember just how absolutely ginormous the drinking world is—such was the case with C, the new 100-percent carrot-based eau-de-vie from Pennsylvania-based Boardroom Spirits.

Like the company’s first veggie-centric product B, an entirely beet-based spirit, C is made in the style of pálinka, a traditional Hungarian brandy usually made with fruits like plum, pear and quince. For this product, though, the producers opted to use carrots. Twelve pounds of carrots per bottle of C, to be exact. The resulting spirit is crystal-clear but undeniably carroty, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about carrots.

Those who like the root vegetables will love the soft, sweet scent of cooked carrots that wafts in on the nose—think of that classic honey-glazed side dish at Thanksgiving. Sipping, though, brings out more of the raw carrot flavor. It’s hefty and silky and tongue-tingling, and tastes like a carrot-rum agricole hybrid. As one fellow Supercall staffer commented, “Rum nerds will love this shit.” After swallowing, you’ll notice that your mouth feels the same as it does after biting into a raw carrot.

The brand recommends drinking C on its own as an aperitif or digestif, and I agree. It’s smooth, easy-drinking and somewhat curative—perfect for slowly sipping before or after a meal. But they also recommend using it in cocktails—not as a base spirit but as a secondary flavoring. At the Boardroom Distillery, they like to shake it with gin and simple syrup and citrus juices—a bright, vegetal twist on a classic Bronx. But it could also be dashed into a Gin Martini with orange bitters for an ultra-springy take on the cocktail stalwart, or even shaken into a Daiquiri. The spirit is still very new, so there’s really no telling what delicious, Bugs Bunny-tempting uses innovative bartenders will come up with.

Right now, C is available at the Boardroom Spirits Distillery in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, for $30, as well as at select Philadelphia restaurants and online from Ezra’s.