The 5 Best Gins Under $25

The ginthusiasts among us who can’t get enough Gimlets, Aviations and Gin & Tonics know that it’s easy to spend upwards of $40 per bottle. New fangled and trendy gins might be fun to try every now and then, but for all those other times you just want to relax with a juniper-infused cocktail in hand, you need a reliable workhorse—preferably one that doesn’t cost too much. Luckily, there are plenty of great gins coming in at $25 or under to supply you with a bounty of cocktail potential. Here, five bottles that will give you the most bang for your hard-earned buck.

If you’re really on a tight budget and don’t want to thrown down even $20 on a bottle, this light and mildly citrusy gin from California-based distillery New Amsterdam Spirits will work like a charm in any cocktail. It’s easy on the juniper flavor, leaning slightly sweet—a great choice for sour cocktails and Gin Fizzes.

A solid choice for any home bar, Beefeater is an old-school stalwart. It lands firmly in the London Dry category, which means it is a solid choice to mix into Martinis and Vespers—or any classic gin cocktail that favors a juniper-forward gin.

On the other side of the gin spectrum is this modestly priced bottle from Texas-based Treaty Oak Distilling Co. Rather than lean on the traditional juniper flavor, Waterloo Gin is a “New Western” gin, which lets the flavors of other botanicals—in this case, citrus, lavender and pecans—shine through with more gusto.

Similar to Beefeater in its approach to juniper-packed flavor, Broker’s Gin prides itself on its English heritage. The self-described “quirky” brand launched in 2013 with a bowler hat-topped bottle. At $20, it’s a great value with well-rounded flavor, which includes hints of cinnamon, citrus and anise. While it would go wonderfully in classic gin drinks, it’s also a great addition to cocktails that don’t typically feature the spirit, like the Bloody Mary.

If you want more than just juniper out of your London Dry, try this silky and herbaceous gin. It falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, but its fragrant and flavorful hints of coriander and rosemary are swoon worthy. No matter what cocktail you spike with it, you’re in for a delightful result.