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4 Gins to Try if You Love Hendrick’s

Hendrick’s Gin is known as a bit of an oddball in the gin world. In fact, it kind of kickstarted a new modern gin movement, that gives distillers a freer hand to experiment with botanicals that were never before used in the spirit or hidden behind more prominent, classic aromas and flavors. Famously infused with rose and cucumber, two botanicals that set Hendrick’s apart from a slew of traditional bottlings, it creates a bright base for cocktails and is a pleasant sipper if you’re a fan of drinking it straight. If you can’t get enough of Hendrick’s, here are four other delicious gins to try.

Silent Pool Gin ($45)

If you love the bright florality of Hendrick’s, then you have to try Silent Pool Gin at your next happy hour. Full-bodied and flavor-rich, this spirit is made using 24 botanicals and the water from Silent Pool, a spring-fed lake in Surrey (and also the body of of water the distillery is named after). Floral notes of lavender and chamomile are present on both the nose and the palate, which is balanced with a citrus tang and sweetness from local honey. Not only is this gin tasty in a variety of cocktails, it’s housed in one of the prettiest bottles we’ve ever seen.

Farmer’s Botanical Organic Gin ($32)

When the distillers of Farmer’s Botanical Organic Gin set out to make their product, they were tired of tasting the same juniper-heavy gins that dominated the market. While their gin still has that fresh pine taste, they use a variety of other botanicals to give it a new, refreshing flavor. Delicate elderflower (which is also present in Hendrick’s) gives it creamy, floral notes while vibrant lemongrass lends a bright zing. Mix it into a Negroni for a mellow spin on the cocktail.

Martin Miller’s Gin ($30)

While Martin’s is more similar to a London Dry gin than any other bottling on this list, the botanicals strike an even balance between juniper-forward and citrus-forward. The gin is distilled with botanicals like coriander, dried lime peel, bitter orange peel and Iris florentina before it’s brought to 80 proof with Icelandic Spring Water. But the secret to this gin that sets it apart from the rest is the addition of a cucumber distillate at the end, at the same time the water is added. This imparts a light, fresh flavor and some additional dry notes to the final product.

Fords Gin ($27)

A collaboration between eighth generation master distiller Charles Maxwell and Simon Ford of The 86 Co., Fords Gin is a versatile spirit that was created with bartenders in mind. Hendrick’s lovers will find familiar flavor profiles upon taking a sip, which strikes a nice balance between citrusy, floral and spiced. Jasmine and grapefruit are at the forefront, two notes that come together to create a versatile base that works well with a variety of gin-based cocktails. We love it in a Martini or the sorely underrated Twentieth Century.