The Best Gifts for Gin Drinkers

While the gin lover in your life would never turn down a good bottle of their go-to spirit tied with big bow, you can do better. Step up your gift giving game with gin-centric books, glassware, club memberships and more.

Here, the perfect presents to satisfy every gin-fatuation.

The Ginvent Calendar
Courtesy of Drinks by the Dram

A Boozy Advent Calendar

For the perfect pre-holiday gift, go for the Ginvent Calendar ($138) from Drinks by the Dram. If you deliver your gift on December 1, your recipient will be able to enjoy their favorite spirit all month long until Christmas with 24 mini bottles.
NOTE: Shipping to the U.S. on these can be tricky to find, your best bet is probably through Masters of Malt

Sloe Gin
Flickr/Richard Leonard

Gin Adjacent Spirits

If you’re shopping for a gin drinker who already has a well-stocked gin shelf, by them a bottle or two of one of gin’s lesser known siblings. Try an Old Tom, a style of gin from the mid-19th century revived with the help of cocktail historian David Wondrich, like Ransom Old Tom Gin ($40). Or opt for gin’s progenitor, genever, from an old school Dutch producer like Boomsma ($25). For a sweet addition to your gin lover’s liquor cabinet, pick up a bottle of craft sloe gin like Spirit Works Distillery’s tart bottling ($45).

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co Tonic
Flickr/Sheila Scarborough

Craft Tonic for Gin & Tonics

As any G&T enthusiast knows, the difference between a good Gin & Tonic and a great Gin & Tonic is quality tonic water. Q Drinks Tonic ($10 for a 4 pack of 8 oz bottles), Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water ($35 for a 4 pack of 7 oz bottles), Fentimans Tonic Water ($60 for a 4 pack of 9 oz bottles) and Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Tonic ($180 for a 12-bottle case of 17 oz bottles) are all great choices. Or, opt instead for tonic syrup, which lets drinkers customize their cocktails. A number of companies produce high grade tonic syrup to mix with sparkling water at home, like True Tonic Syrup ($15), Small Hand Foods Yeoman Tonic Syrup ($12) and Tomr’s Tonic Syrup ($13).

Sterling Hi Ball Glasses
Courtesy of Kegworks

Highball Glasses

While whiskey drinkers are often gifted luxurious lowball glasses, fans of G&Ts and Tom Collins rarely get the same treatment. Correct that oversight by giving these monogrammed sterling highball glasses ($35 for a set of 4).

The Home Made Gin Kit
Courtesy of The Home Made Gin Kit

DIY Gin Kit

Turning vodka into gin is easy—but it’s even easier with a handy kit. This Homemade Gin Kit ($50) comes with the juniper berries and other botanicals, while this Sloe Gin Kit ($30) is perfect for the sweet-toothed gin maker. If you’re buying for an experienced infuser, skip the hardware and pick up a botanical blend from Bootleg Botanicals ($15).

Courtesy of Collagin

A Gin-Based Beauty Routine

Will drinking collagen-based gin actually make your favorite gin drinker look younger? No, not a chance. But CollaGin ($43), which is exactly what it sounds like, is the perfect joke gift to throw shade on a friend who would appreciate a lighthearted present.

Gin Club Delivery

Gin Club Membership

The best gift to give any gin lover is the gift of never-ending gin. Gin clubs like Gin Every Month ($60 for 3 months) and UK-based Craft Gin Club ($50 per month) deliver a new bottle for every calendar page, while I Love Gin (of “ginternship” internet fame) includes gin and tonic in a monthly package.

Courtesy of I Want One of Those

Gin Pong

Yeah, you could DIY your own game of gin pong, but it just seems so much more official when it’s sanctioned by a purchase. The attractive light green and gold shot glasses in this Gin Pong set ($20) will appeal to any gin-lover’s color palette, with citrus-colored green and yellow pong balls to match.

Choc on Choc Gin and Tonic
Courtesy of Choc on Choc

Gin-Flavored Chocolate

Sometimes you want the flavor of gin without the boozy effects (we call those times morning). Choc on Choc’s Chocolate Gin and Tonic Set ($16) consists of chocolate gin bottles, tonic bottles and lemon slices, all crafted to taste like delicious, delicious gin.

Carry On Cocktail Kit
Courtesy of Kegworks

Gin & Tonic Airplane Kit

While airline cocktails leave a lot to be desired, TSA liquid size restrictions allow just enough wiggle room to DIY your way to a great drink in the air. Prepare cocktail baggies as a cute pre-flight gift, or buy a Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24), which comes with craft tonic syrup, a tiny spoon, a jigger and a linen coaster, all packaged in a tin case. Pick up a few mini bottles of gin at your local liquor store and you have everything you need for the best flight of your life.


G&T Popsicles

If you’re over in the U.K., you can gift the nation’s favorite cocktail in icy popsicle form. Gianni’s Alcoholic Ice Popsicles, aka ice lollies as they call them across the pond, are a seriously summery way to indulge in the frozen fizzy libation, but there’s no reason one can’t enjoy these icy treats all year round.

Gin and Tonic Chopping Block
Courtesy of The Oak and Rope Company

Gin & Tonic Chopping Block

Citrus fruits are gin’s best friends, which means gin lovers can often be found slicing lemon wheels and lime wedges for their cocktails. This G&T Chopping Block ($60) from The Oak & Rope Company will make the chore a bit more pleasurable.

Man Face Stuff Gin and Tonic Mustache Wax
Courtesy of Merch2Rock

Gin & Tonic Moustache Wax

If you’ve got a mustachioed gin lover in mind, buy him this G&T Mustache Wax ($10) so he can smell (and smell like) sweet, refreshing gin drinks all the time.

The Drunken Botanist
Courtesy of Amazon

Gin Books

Since Supercall has yet to come out with our Big Book of Gin, gift your gin-knowledge-hungry friend with a gin-focused read like The Spirit of Gin ($20), Gin, A Global History ($12) or The Drunken Botanist.

Gin-Filled Decorations

In a genius combination of gift, decoration and drink, Edinburgh-based gin distillery Pickering's has begun offering gin-filled baubles (six-pack for $37), perfect for decorating a booze themed Christmas tree. The ornaments can help your special gin lover show his or her holiday spirit and gin pride at once. Plus, when supplies run low at the next holiday party, you and your recipient can pop a few of these to keep the festivities alive.