7 Most Popular Gins in the World

Rodger Bosch/Stringer

What would any of us do without gin? We would be Negroni-less. We would be sans Martini. We would have to drink tonic by itself. The juniper-infused spirit is one of the most important building blocks of the drinks world and also one of the most interesting and diverse. And as gin has grown in popularity there have been plenty of upstarts making great bottles and we find new ones every year. But they make up just a small sliver of global gin consumption compared to the most popular gins. Here are the seven best-selling gins in the world.

Country of origin: Spain
Sales: 1.22 million cases

This Spanish gin has been growing in popularity over the last several years and is also cashing in on the recent flavored gin craze. Besides its London Dry gin, the distillery also makes a rosé gin and a Mediterranean gin that uses seven kinds of citrus.

Country of origin: USA
Sales: 2.63 million cases

For American gin drinkers, Seagram’s seems like it has always just been around. It is the affordable entry level gin that makes appearances everywhere from your very first college party to a cross-country airplane ride.

Country of origin: UK
Sales: 2.76 million cases

A stout London Dry that’s actually still made in London. Beefeater is more than 150 years old and the British capital’s biggest distillery. Today, the recipe for the slightly fruity, nicely junipered gin remains almost unchanged from the mid 19th century.

Country of origin: UK
Sales: 3 million cases

With its iconic deco style, you’re unlikely to miss a bottle of Tanqueray. The company is approaching its 200th birthday, and it’s had staying power for good reason: It makes a tinglingly delicious base for everything from a French 75 to a Negroni—especially for fans of juniper.

Country of origin: UK
Sales: 3.76 million cases

The newest gin to make the list, Bombay came on the scene in 1960. It’s a little different than its British London Dry compatriots as the addition of grains of paradise and cubeb berries give it a spicier taste.

Country of origin: UK
Sales: 4.6 million cases

The most popular gin from one of the most gin-crazy countries in the world, Gordon’s uses a heavy hand with the juniper, so hopefully you like the feeling of drinking in a forest if you’re going to grab a bottle. The distillery also makes what is probably the most iconic canned Gin & Tonic in the entire country.

Country of origin: Philippines
Sales: 11.3 million cases

The most popular gin in the world is also from the biggest gin drinking country in the world—the Philippines. Recent numbers suggest Filipinos drink 1.4 liters of gin per person every year, and San Miguel makes up the great majority of the gin consumed in the country. The flip side of that is that it isn’t readily available outside of the Philippines, but if you find it, it’s likely to be cheap. The average price is just $6 a bottle.

Numbers come from the most recent data from the International Wines and Spirits Record