The 5 Best Spicy Tequilas

Courtesy of Casa Tanteo
Courtesy of Casa Tanteo

If you love tequila and all things spicy, then you have to check out these piquant flavored spirits. From tequilas infused with jalapeños to tequilas spiced with serrano chilies and cinnamon, here are the five best spicy tequilas that you can buy now. Get them all, and turn up the heat.

The OG of spicy tequilas, this blanco is infused with the verdant spiciness of green jalapeños. With a subtle grassiness and layers of vegetal flavor—which come from both the peppers and the tequila at the base—it is destined to be mixed in cocktails. Use it to spike anything from a Frozen Cucumber Margarita to a Tequila Soda.

Another stellar release from the Tanteo crew, this bottling takes the spice level to 11. While it’s not for the faint of heart—or those that aren’t down with punishing spiciness from their hot sauces—it is absolutely delicious on its own or in cocktails. At first, the flavored tequila reveals a bright fruitiness and notes of fresh mangoes, honey and wildflowers. As it sits on your tongue, it yields sweat-inducing layers of undulating spice. While we like to take it as a shot (we’re crazy for heat), the fiery habanero flavors pair perfectly with fresh carrot juice.

This new release from YaVe is one of our favorites. While the vanilla-rich flavors of a reposado tequila are front and center, there are also notes of roasted poblano peppers, hatch green chilies, white pepper and, of course, jalapeño. As the spirit finishes, it leaves a creaminess and vibrant heat on your palate. You absolutely must try it mixed in equal parts with the brand’s coconut-flavored tequila for a delicious shot-tail.

Another spicy tequila with an aged reposado at the base, Agave Loco is infused with several different peppers. Not only are there jalapeño, habanero and serrano peppers, but a medley of sweeter varieties are also used to give the spirit a touch of sweetness on the back of the palate. Incredibly vibrant and spicy, this tequila is like the Mike’s Hot Honey of alcohol.

The only infused añejo on the market, Soltado’s spicy tequila gets its heat from a mix of serrano chilies and cinnamon. On the palate, it has deep red chili tones like smoky adobo and enchilada sauce. As it finishes, the dusty heat of cinnamon reveals its potency in full force. It’s almost like a more complex, “adult” version of Fireball—albeit with an abundance of deep tequila flavors—and makes for an awesome spicy shot.