The Best Tequilas for #TacoTuesday

Taco Tuesday is the only thing that gets us through Meatloaf Monday. And the promise of tortillas stuffed with grilled meats and toppings is only made more mouthwatering by the addition of tequila. This #TacoTuesday, skip the Coronas and pair your spread with one of these tequilas instead.

For Drinking Neat (Everyday): Milagro Reposado ($30)

Briny, sweet and smooth, with a grapefruit rind finish, this extremely affordable reposado makes for easy sipping alongside a taco feast. Its round, caramelly notes make it sturdy enough to stand up to heavy sauces like mole, but it would be equally good with carne asada or al pastor.

For Drinking Neat (Special Occasion): Jose Cuervo de la Familia ($120)

This ultra-premium offering from Jose Cuervo is nothing like the company’s ubiquitous mixto. The extra-añejo is aged in French and American oak for at least three years, which gives it a robust, spicy quality. Heavy with rich agave notes, chile pepper and vanilla, it’s best served in a wide-bellied snifter. If fatty carnitas or charred steak are in your taco line up, then this bottle belongs on your table.

For Drinking on the Rocks: Casa Dragones Blanco ($70)

Clean, bright and sweet in a green pepper sort of way, this small batch silver tequila is ultra-smooth and shows beautifully with a little chill and dilution. Try enhancing its natural zesty notes with a twist of lemon or lime. Its bracing minerality makes it a perfect pairing for seafood, so fry up some fish tacos and start your meal with avocado-kissed shrimp ceviche.

For Mixing Into Margaritas: 1800 Silver ($27)

Packed with vegetal notes and lemon zest, this powerful tequila is best balanced with fresh lime juice and agave nectar in a Margarita. The tequila’s hefty body and almost savory finish make for a food-friendly Margarita that won’t leave your tongue over-sugared and desensitized. Try it with charred chicken tacos and a big pile of cheesy nachos.

For Mixing Into Palomas: Espolon Blanco ($25)

Grassy with a mild tropical funk, this blanco won’t overpower your Paloma’s grapefruit soda, but it still manages to lend the cocktail a peppery finish. Pair with grilled veggie tacos or even tofu tacos for a brighter, lighter take on the usually gut-busting meal.

For Serving With Sangrita: Casamigos Blanco ($40)

One of the world’s few celebrity-owned spirits that actually lives up to its sponsor’s star power, George Clooney’s Casamigos Blanco is silky smooth with clean grassy, vanilla flavors and a pleasantly dry charcoal finish. Alternate sips of the blanco with sips of a spicy-sweet homemade Sangrita for a relaxed, extended meal. Pair this drinking experience with anything from chicken to chorizo.