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What Size Vermouth Bottle to Buy, Depending How You Drink

If you’re familiar with Martinis and Manhattans, then you’re more familiar with vermouth than you might think. The aromatized wine comes in a variety of styles, so it’s fun to experiment with different brands once you have the basics down. But the question we’re often pondering is what size bottle of vermouth is appropriate for certain occasions. Because vermouth only lasts in the fridge for about a month, sometimes a half-sized bottle will do. But other times, you want to make sure you have enough of the stuff to go around. Check out this handy guide next time you’re having trouble deciding which size vermouth bottle to buy.

If you drink one Martini a week:

Better go for the half bottle of dry vermouth. It will stay fresher longer, especially if you’re not knocking back a Martini every night after work.

If you drink seven Martinis a week:

You’ll go through that full-sized bottle of dry vermouth in no time. And because not all vermouth brands come in half sizes, you have a greater number of options from which to choose.

If you drink one Martini a week and are having guests over:

If you plan on making Martinis for a crowd, it’s best to grab a full-size bottle of dry vermouth so you don’t have to make a liquor store run mid-party. While you’re at it, snag a half-sized bottle of sweet vermouth so your whiskey-drinking guests can get in on the fun.

If you drink seven Martinis a week and are having guests over:

Better buy two full bottles of dry vermouth. And feel free to experiment with the types, but only open one bottle at a time so the aromatized wine doesn’t accidentally go to waste. And don’t forget that half bottle of sweet for your dark liquor-loving friends.

If you drink one Manhattan a week:

A half bottle of sweet vermouth will work just fine for the drinker who only mixes one Manhattan a week.

If you drink seven Manhattans a week:

Spring for the big bottle. Plus, there are so many great options when choosing the perfect sweet vermouth for a Manhattan, and most of them come in full-size quantities.

If you drink one Manhattan a week and are having guests over:

Treat yourself to a big bottle of the good stuff. We also suggest grabbing a half bottle of dry vermouth so your guests can mix Martinis if they so desire.

If you drink seven Manhattans a week and are having guests over:

Grab two big bottles of your favorite sweet vermouths, but only open one at a time—unless of course one is halfway gone and there’s still hours left to party. This will also give guests a chance to try different Manhattan variations. Remember to buy a half bottle of dry vermouth for gin and vodka drinkers (and those who prefer a Perfect Manhattan).

If you’re buying in bulk for a special occasion:

If you’re buying booze for a shindig that’s larger than your average cocktail party—say a wedding—we recommend buying two full-size bottles of both red and white vermouth for every 50 people in attendance. Not everyone is going to be sipping fancy mixed drinks, but you want to be prepared for those who prefer more complex cocktails rather than simple Highballs.