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What's Your Vodka IQ?

You think you know vodka. You know how to open the bottle and pour it into your glass and top it with seltzer water and a splash of cranberry juice. You know how to squeeze a lime into it so that you get just the right amount of tartness. You know how to store it in your freezer so it’s ready to drink at a moment’s notice. But are you a vodka expert? If you get all 11 of these questions right, you can call yourself Dr. Vodka. Test your vodka IQ:

1. What is vodka made from?
a) Potato
b) Corn
c) Maple Syrup
d) All of the above and more.

2. Which one of these rules is NOT a legal requirement for vodka production?
a) Vodka must taste neutral.
b) Vodka must be made using a column still.
c) Vodka must not have any distinctive coloring.
d) Vodka must be at least 80 proof when bottled.

3. Which country is NOT in the Vodka Belt?
a) Russia
b) Estonia
c) Lithuania
d) Armenia

4. Which one of these vodkas is primarily made with corn?
a) Absolut
b) Ciroc
c) Tito’s
d) Three Olives

5. What was the first flavored vodka mass-marketed in the U.S.?
a) Absolut Peppar
b) Ketel One Citroen
c) Grey Goose L’Orange
d) Absolut Citron

6. Which vodka was included in the first Moscow Mule?
a) Smirnoff
b) Russian Standard
c) Popov
d) Belvedere

7. Which one of these flavored vodkas is fake?
a) PB&J
b) Smoked Salmon
c) Girl Scout Cookie
d) Cinnabon

8. Which of these classic cocktails is NOT traditionally made with vodka?
a) Scofflaw
b) Harvey Wallbanger
c) Mind Eraser
d) Chi Chi

9. Which vodka brand is the oldest?
a) Reyka
b) Grey Goose
c) Skyy
d) Hangar 1

10. Which vodka cocktail did James Bond invent?
a) White Russian
b) Bloody Mary
c) Martini
d) Vesper

11. Which of these celebrities says vodka is the secret to a long life?
a) Tony Bennett
b) Betty White
c) Mel Brooks
d) Angela Lansbury



1. D.
Legally, vodka can be made from any ingredients. Currently there are vodkas on the market made from strange ingredients like milk, figs, black-eyed peas and quinoa.

2. B
Legally vodka must be neutral, bottled at 80 proof and free of color. But the law does not dictate the style of still the distiller must use.

3. D
The Vodka Belt of Central and Eastern Europe includes Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, but not Armenia.

4. C
Absolut and Three Olives are made with wheat, while Ciroc is made from grapes. Tito’s is made with corn.

5. A
Absolut Peppar took the bartending world by storm when it was first introduced in 1986. It became a go-to choice for Bloody Marys.

6. A
The first Moscow Mule was made with Smirnoff Vodka at the Cock ‘n’ Bull pub in Hollywood, California.

7. C
As of this writing, there is no Girl Scout Cookie-flavored vodka. But give it time.

8. A
A Scofflaw cocktail is made with dry vermouth, lime juice, grenadine, orange bitters and rye whiskey.

9. C
Reyka first began production in 2005, Hangar 1 was founded in 2001, and Grey Goose hit the market in 1997, but Skyy is the oldest vodka brand of this group, established in 1992.

10. D
In Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale, James Bond tells a bartender to mix vodka with gin and Kina Lillet. Inspired by his lady love, he called his creation a Vesper.

11. B
In an interview with Parade, Betty White (who turned 96 this year) revealed her secret: positivity, vodka and hot dogs.