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5 Pitch Black Spirits to Drink This Halloween

Kraken Rum

Halloween is far more enjoyable as an adult than it was when you were a kid. You still get to enjoy all the cheap scares and candy treats of your childhood, but now you also get to attend your fill of boozy costume parties. If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween spirit, there’s nothing more nightmarish than jet-black spirits. As dark and sinister as they are delicious, these five spirits will create evil-hued libations when added to cocktails. Here, five pitch black spirits to drink this Halloween.

Jägermeister $20

Dark, herbaceous and bittersweet, Jäger is an absolute, must buy spirit come Halloween. Extremely versatile, this German digestif can be served as a straight shot (skull shot glasses are a no-brainer), or as the base spirit in cocktails like a Black Manhattan. However you use it, make sure to store the bottle in the freezer so that it’s super frosty when you serve it.

Fernet-Branca $26

While its aggressive bitterness is not for everyone, this Italian amaro is sure to deliver frighteningly delicious libations this All Hallows’ Eve. Made with over 27 different roots and herbs, including gentian, aloe, rhubarb and chamomile, Fernet-Branca adds a rich, bitter bite to any drink. Serve it as a ghoulishly hued shot with equal parts Campari, or in a classic Fernet cocktail like the Hanky Panky.

Blavod Black Vodka $18

With a brand name that sounds like it comes straight out of a low budget Dracula movie (I vant to drink your blah-vod), this epically black vodka is sure to deliver some jump scares this Halloween holiday. Produced in Germany, Blavod is colored with black catechu, an inky-hued resin that’s made from the heartwood of the acacia catechu tree. Clean and ultra-refined on the palate, this vodka can be used to turn any cocktail into an evil looking, black libation. Black Vodka Sodas, anyone?

Kraken Rum $20

Black as midnight, this dark rum is rich and spicy, with notes of black pepper, allspice, cloves and cinnamon. Named after the mythical tentacled beast beneath the sea, this aromatic rum is delicious and extremely versatile in cocktails. With the Kraken behind the bar you can make your Halloween a Dark ‘N’ Stormy night and invite your ghastliest friends.

Casa Mariol Vermut Negre $23

Made with a base of Macabeo wine, this black vermouth (the literal translation of its name) is infused with over 150 different herbs and botanicals. Its robust, herbaceous richness comes from unripe, sun-dried walnuts and time spent in oak casks. Use the spirit in place of your favorite sweet vermouth in cocktails, or sip it straight for a digestif that’s darker than an empty void or the blackest heart.

Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur $38

A cult spirit in its home country of Australia, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur is now finally available stateside. Made with a vodka base, this black liqueur is infused with three different types of coffee beans: Brazilian arabica gives it brightness, Ethiopian djimmah lends a fruitiness, and beans from Papua New Guinea are responsible for the spirit’s orange pith bitterness. Decadent when poured over vanilla ice cream, this coffee liqueur can be sipped straight or mixed into a potent Espresso Martini (in place of the espresso). If you’re looking for a spirit this Halloween that’s as dark as it is delicious, this caffeinated liqueur is your go-to.