5 Weird Flavored Vodkas You Should Actually Buy

There’s no shortage of flavored vodkas on the market, and whether it’s a refreshing cucumber-infused expression or a spicy chile-spiked spirit, we’ve searched high and low to find the best of the best. But we’ve also gone beyond your basic citrus and chile flavors.

While some may scoff at the stranger flavored vodkas out there, like doughnuts and birthday cake, we’re here to set the record straight: Some of these bottles are actually worth trying. Here, five oddly-flavored vodkas that you need to try. Whether you sip them alone or in a cocktail, these spirits began as weird ideas but are ultimately quite delicious.

People are obsessed with hot sauce, but none has a cult following quite like Sriracha. If you’re one of the many who slather Sriracha on everything, UV Vodka is here to sate your cravings. Their Sriracha-flavored vodka is just like the chile sauce—peppery and slightly sweet, with just the right amount of heat. Try it in a Bloody Mary or use it to add some extra oomph to a Michelada.

This rich, smooth vodka is almost too good to be true. As the name implies, 360 doubles down on velvety chocolate flavor, which makes this spirit delicious enough to sip on the rocks, if you’re so inclined. To satisfy a serious craving, we suggest using this in place of regular vodka in a Chocolate Martini or adding it to a Brandy Alexander. We also love that 360 uses recycled materials for their glass and labels, making this bottle even more appealing.

We were pleasantly surprised upon twisting the cap off this sweet Smirnoff expression, as the smell of Funfetti cake came wafting from the bottle. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this velvety vodka, which is more reminiscent of rich cream cheese frosting than airy whipped cream. Try it in a Screwdriver for a creamsicle-esque take on the classic brunchtail.

Horseradish lovers, rejoice. Here’s a chance to enjoy the root’s piquant flavor outside of a Bloody Mary or prime rib feast. This savory vodka brings a burst of horseradish flavor with every sip, but it isn’t too intense for folks who aren’t diehard fans of its uniquely pungent taste. You can sip this baby on the rocks, use it to dress up your favorite Bloody, pair it with wasabi in this Maki Mary, or mix it into the savoriest Dirty Martini ever. Per Northern Latitudes’ suggestion, you can even drizzle it over oysters.

Coconut vodka is nothing new. But Coconut Water vodka? Three Olives might be onto something. While most coconut spirits have an artificial, overly-sweet flavor, Three Olives managed to make their vodka taste like quality cold-pressed coconut water spiked with a smooth, neutral grain spirit. It has notes of light brown sugar and rich coconut cream that wouldn’t be out of place in a Caipiroska or Black Russian. You’ll find us drinking it all summer mixed with actual coconut water and a splash of pineapple juice for a (slightly) hydrating beach libation.