5 Flavored Vodkas to Take Your Vodka Soda From Basic to Bitchin’

A Vodka Soda is only as good as its ingredients. Since it’s pretty hard to screw up soda water (unless you let it go flat), the drink’s quality comes down to the vodka. Though the easy—and safe—choice is to choose a “neutral,” unflavored vodka, this doesn’t exactly spell excitement for your palate. Our suggestion: Choose a flavored vodka instead. Not only will it make your Vodka Soda a little more interesting, but it also won’t add any unnecessary calories to the glass—a great option for health-conscious sippers who don’t want to skimp on flavor. The next time you want to spice up your lackluster Vodka Soda, try one of these five delicious flavored vodkas.

If you’re avoiding Moscow Mules because of the sugar and calorie-laden ginger beer, you don’t have to give up that zesty ginger spice altogether. Mixing this flavored vodka with soda won’t have quite the same impact as super spicy ginger beer, but it will add a hint of delightful ginger flavor, perfect for a mild summer sip. Garnish with lemon zest to give the drink even more dimension.

Lemons and limes are the go-to when you’re looking to jazz up a subtle cocktail like the Vodka Soda, but we’d like to add bergamot to the citrusy mix. This flavored vodka from Square One is not only flavored with the orange varietal, but it’s also well-rounded with hints of coriander, juniper and ginger. Top it with a slice of orange for an extra fancy presentation.

If you’ve considered muddling a couple of slices of cucumber in your Vodka Soda to up the flavor ante, save yourself the trouble and pick up a bottle of this organic vodka instead. Though you might often think of flavored vodkas as having a slight chemical aftertaste, you’ll get absolutely none of that with this bottling from Crop Organic. It tastes like biting into a just-picked slice of cuke and will add light, bright flavor to your Vodka Soda with just a simple pour.

Ever tried dropping a few chunks of cantaloupe into a pitcher of water? Well, a Vodka Soda made with Grey Goose Le Melon is kind of like that—light, fresh and the absolute essence of summertime. Garnish your drink with a trio of speared melon balls for a drink that looks as fresh as it tastes.

There are times when all we want is a little spice in our life. That’s hard to achieve with a Vodka Soda if you’re not personally infusing the spirit with jalapeños or another equally piquant ingredient. Luckily, this green chile vodka from St. George has just enough bite so as not to overwhelm, but it still satisfies that need for heat. It gives a dose of flavor and personality to an otherwise bland drink.